Hidden Messages In Movies, A Case Of Peabody And Sherman

Analyzing the 2014 movie Mr. Peabody and Sherman, It is a story of a white dog refusing to be adopted by a black boy. It is also a story of the same white dog adopting a white boy who had been thrown away at birth.

Remember it is a black judge who pronounces judgment that ‘A dog can adopt the boy”.

EGYPT: It is very curious when things go bad after Mr. Peabody and Sherman attempt to retrieve the little girl that had stuck in Egypt.

There’s a scene where Mr. Peabody pretends to be the god – Anubis and the camera zooms out from the idol to a certain part of the populace who are watching the scene unfold as the god Anubis promises plagues if they don’t release the little girl.

The scene has a black man asking a white man, you can tell from the color of the skin and the hair of the white man.

The black man faces the white man and says, ‘ Why? oh why did I move to Egypt?’

A screen capture of the scene

That scene right there is trying to black my Story. White people were never the original dwellers of Egypt and that scene is trying to twist your mind that white people were the original owners of Egypt and black [people are the ones who moved in.

There so much evidence in caves and pyramids in Egypt that shows that Egypt was a black man’s land. The paintings inside the caves speak clearly.

Picture: Screenshot from the movie