A place without which I am not

I hurriedly pack my bags, for in the morning time I’ll need to catch a bus to the lakeside town of Homabay.

Homabay the place of my mother’s birth,

Her appendix was buried here.

A soothing place of waters and lands separated,

Scattered like the thoughts of gods.

This calming breeze from the lake takes away my breathe,

It is here she first breathed; without which I would not

For me, it is a plus, a great getaway from the bustling Nairobi

It gives me ideas of going away for long,

A missing person’s report.

What was it that led me to part with a lot of money; to no man’s place

A land so deep in the waters where people hesitate before venturing

I braved the deep pale blue waters to reconnect

With the spirits of my ancestors

The calming sun that rises over Nam Lolwe

Sending brave rays over the great deep for sustenance

The waves slap hard on the boat’s body; sounds like a hammer hitting plastic.

pa-ta! pa-ta! pa-ta!

Will I be lucky to have fish?

What was it that you fed me at night?

Was it mbuta or ngege in Mbita?

I enjoyed it.

The world continues…