BOOK REVIEW – Nairobi 5453: Photographic Slices and Personal Musings by Susan Wakhungu-Githuku & Natalie Githuku

This is not just another book about Nairobi.

It is a modern look about the city that grew from a swamp in 1899 to become one full of culture, love, and contradictions.

Susan and Natalie Githuku share their stories in the glossy-covered coffee table book.

It is two books in one, the first is titled Photographic Slices and contains pictures of modern Nairobi.

The second, which is more interesting is titled Personal Musings, which contains personal stories of notable Kenyans sharing their stories about Nairobi; when the first came and how it has grown. Interesting!

The stories are catchy, for example, one of the authors, Susan shares her story.

Hers captures Nairobi from her perspective from 1968 to date. She shares a story that still captures our minds to date, the assassination of Tom Mboya.

Nairobi 5453: Two books in one inside a Box packaging

She poetically says, ‘When something happened, wherever it happened, you knew. Like when former minister, Tom Mboya was shot on government Road as he emerged from a Pharmacy in 1969 and we all became paralyzed. The city held its breath for days and when released, it came out in a long bewildered wail!’.

The other writers sharing their stories are Oyunga Pala, Dr Frank Njenga, John Sibi-Okumu, Anna Trzebinski, Lisa Christoffersen, among others

The stories are short, accompanied by a glossy photo of their writers, one cannot get bored here.

Nairobi 5453: Personal Musings by notable Kenyans

See Nairobi from a different perspective.

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Back Cover: The City That Calls Your Name