#IntellectualPropertyTheftKE: The government registered & knows about Kibo Capital’s stolen Utility Model

The last two articles have articulated how Safaricom Plc has stolen with impunity,, a utility Model belonging to Kibo Capital Group Limited.

Here is a further breakdown of what the Utility Model is. This article also shows that Kibo Capital’s owner covered all grounds in the registration of his Intellectual Property.

We advise firms not to sign up to the MPESABillManager as Safaricom Plc will be served with court orders to cease and desist from running it.

What is so hard to sit down with Kibo Capital Group Limited, agree on a monthly fee and pay this fee for the remaining 8 years of the Utility Model’s life?

Why did Safaricom Plc embarrass itself by stealing a registered Patent?


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Kibo Capital Group Limited is a financial technology firm with revolutionary innovations.

The firm which was founded in 2015 registered a Utility Model, Biller Integration and Recepting System, with the Kenya Industrial Property Institute (KIPI).

The BILLER INTEGRATION AND RECEIPTING SYSTEM works this way:- The receipts will be availed electronically with clear population of the data breaking down the details of payments and how the same has been disturbed. Axseptum is a receipting system that will be availed electronically on a temper proof production file which will be electronically dispatched to consumers each time they purchase the prepaid consumables. The receipts will have details of the payment and where available, they will include detailed tax broken down for the purposes of accounting. The receipts also have a scannable coding that used by government agencies to authenticate the same The receipts will be tamper proof file formats or purposes of dual control by the issuing companies and also recipient consumers owing to the fact that they are held for audit and determination of fair tax by the government and authorized regulatory bodies. The bar code also makes it additionally unaltered. This innovation delivers unique solution that is tailor made as per client’s specification for purposes of records management and comes with a marketing/Communications/ads management functionality that directly saves clients stationary costs and huge spending on marketing and advertisement. Unlike most other traditional advertising channels, Payment Gate delivers a whole new world of functionalities with superior analytics hence giving you real value for your investment.  – KIPI, Patent 169, September 2017

In perspective, Kibo outlined the above as below:

The PaymentGate LLP offering is simply a receipting solution service provider that avails Universally Verifiable electronic receiptfor both Mobile Money payments and banking deposits at branches, online banking or via (Paybill).

Instant branded e-receipts

Issue instant branded e-receipts for each payment

Tamper proof receipts

The Receipt is tamper proof hence cannot be altered without noting.

Automated reconciliation

The receipt comes with automated reconciliation functionality as we give you an electronic digital clerk for the role at no extra cost

Eco friendly solution

You get to Save on your stationery costs as this solution is Cost Effective compared to current physical printouts.

Electronic filing & retrieval

This helps so you don’t need boxes and safes and big rooms to keep storing the receipts.

Advertising space on receipt

What’s more, is that the Receipts also come with advertising space for your business.

The above was in advertisement since 2017. Firms have signed up to this.

The company registered its innovations with relevant state authorities at every process.

Basically, the government knows everything about the above Utility Model and as such shouldn’t have accepted it to be used by any other entity for 10 years. Or any entity that wanted to use it must pay the owners of Kibo Capital Group Limited.

10 years is the period of time a Utility Model is valid in registration to an entity.

However, Pesalink and Safaricom (#MPESABillManager) among some few others small firms went ahead to infringe on this Intellectual Property Right and must pay.

Kibo Capital also in 4th August 2020 registered the trade mark e-Receipt. The registering organisation is Kenya Copyright Board (KECOBO)

e-Receipt, a registered trademark of Kibo Capital Group Limited. The copyright is due for renewal in August 2030.

Communication Authority of Kenya has a letter of adoption and use of e-Receipts with commercial advertisement appearing on the same as sent in march 2020.

The number of utility model registrations at KIPI, by Kibo Capital, constitutes 4. The others expand the scope of the definition of the Biller Integration and Recepting System and are mentioned below.

The registration date for the below is November 2017

Patent 195:
Universally verifiable electronic banking slip system

Universally verifiable electronic banking slip system is a system that looks into digital remittance of a universally verifiable electronic banking slip to offer alternative to the current physical banking slips that are prone to fraud and are cumbersome to authenticate whenever presented with as a proof of payment for a receiving institution prior to releasing goods, providing a service or issuing an official payment receipt for the direct banking deposit. The invention is intended to assist financial institutions, utility provision companies, savings and credit societies and organizations to avail the universally verifiable electronic banking slips to their depositors, customers and assist account holders who may want to have alternate universal verification mechanisms. The depositors are also able to keep electronic records for all purposes with improved preservation. The records generated by this system will have a universally verifiable coding that will be used by any interested parties to verify authenticity of the banking transaction under review. The invention is availed in all form digital on web interface, Mobile Applications, email, short message services and many other technologies under invention now and in the future.

Patent 168

This invention is a system that looks into fully revolutionizing the trade space by ensuring that we have a complete paperless system where both providers and consumers of all goods and services have a digital way of initiating, closing, generating a notification and recording all services and goods sold electronically without using any paper therein for purposes of the records. The records generated by this system will have a universally verifiable coding that will be used by any interested parties to verify authenticity of any such sale. The invention is availed in all form digital on web interface, Mobile Applications, email, short message services and many other technologies under invention now and in the future.

Patent 170

This invention includes systems, procedures and computer programs for creating Digital Financial Guarantor Processing System to both financial institutions and members. The system will hugely improve efficiency in the financial services industry especially Savings and Credit organizations (SACCOS) and the financial services industry at large. The present system does not provide anything digital but rather a cumbersome form circulation and signing exercise that may take between a week to a year getting persons from different geographical locations before completing the process. The Digital Financial Guarantor Processing system will provide a digital solution by ensuring that an applicant will be able to digitally request for guarantors approvals electronically while the guarantors will have the free will to either accept or reject the applicant’s request electronically. The confidentiality scope will be managed fully with each member having the liberty to elect how much they would be comfortable to guarante

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