Pain of losing business: A Kenyan writes to Twitter about locked accounts

Dear Twitter,

Your systems for verification is broken.

How comes you ask people to verify their accounts using phone numbers but then go ahead to make the request for code fail.

For example, as a Kenyan, I have 98 per cent chance that if my account is attached to a Airtel or Telkom line, it will fail.

Mostly, the verification fails when it asks for ‘call’ verification instead of a ‘text’ verification.

Most Kenyans thought Safaricom lines do not fail (mostly true 90 per cent of the time), but that was true to me untill this week on Wednesday 14th October 2020.

Three accounts that I manage for corporates and one for personal use asked for verification through call and to my shock failed.

We know that you have moved from requiring verification through emails to phone numbers. But please make it easy for this to be done.

You can start by removing the ‘call me’ verification, what’s the use of it anyway? it always fails?

You might argue that it removes the chances of an account being run by a robot, but which robot can input codes?

Asking for our phone numbers is enough; locking accounts incessantly is unnecessary.

You’ve made the lock-verify-account, a bi-weekly exercise. It is wrong! Stop.

If you don’t change these things, Twitter will Jiongelesha soon as other social media platforms becon.

Most are moving to

Lagaless, on Twitter