Russia hacker group killnet takes out rival Anonymous’s website; declare war on firms banning Kremlin

A Russia hacker group killnet took down websites associated with a rival hacker group Anonymous.

Killnet accused Anonymous of lying about their exploits in Russia.

“The Internet is full of fake information about Russian bank hacks, attacks on Russian media servers, and much more. All this is not dangerous for people. This “information bomb” carries only text. And no more harm. Don’t fall for fake information on the internet. Have no doubts in your country,” Killnet said in a statement.

Anonymous, a group of computer hackers, declared cyber war on Russia and claimed responsibility for a hacker attack, for example, on the RT website.

On February 28, the websites of Izvestia, TASS, Kommersant, Forbes, Fontanka, Mel, E1, Buro 24/7, RBC, Znak.Com and other Russian media were hacked.

On the same day, the websites of the Crimean government and authorities were subjected to massive DDoS attacks. The hackers used a botnet whose IP addresses are predominantly located in North and South America, Taiwan and a number of other countries.

Killnet blamed President Volodymyr Zelensky and American leader Joe Boyden for what is happening in Ukraine. The leaders of the EU countries, as they say in the appeal, follow the lead of the United States.

Russian hackers said they had already disabled the website of the Anonymous group, as well as the website of the Right Sector banned in the Russian Federation.