Flaqo: The Comedian Taking Kenya By Storm

Comedy is an art, an art that is defined as the professional entertainment consisting of jokes and satirical sketches, intended to make an audience laugh.

Flaqo Raz is his stage name, real name Erastus Emmanuel Otieno is a YouTuber and Kenyan content creator; a comedian, the single actor in his world.

Flaqo acts as his father Baba Otis, his mother Mama Otis and himself Otis in the short video skits that are very hilarious.

He started acting in August 2018.

Flaqo says he picks relatable stuff in life and adds a little extra to it that makes people laugh.

The comic videos that are short timed to less than 4 minutes mostly revolves around Otis, Mama Otis and Baba Otis. They are the quintessential Kenyan family where the parents and kids don’t understand each other; but in a funny way.

One of my favorite videos from Flaqo is about him asking Baba Otis for Sh20 bob to enable him go to town to repair his phone. Otis struggles to explain to his father

Otis: Dad, I have a request.

Baba Otis: A request lipi?

Otis: Naomba kama unaeza nisaidia, am short by 20 bob tranport to town,

Baba Otis: What are you going to do in town?

Otis: Am taking my phone to town.

Baba Otis: Where?

Otis: Phone repair Kenya

Baba Otis: How does a phone repair Kenya?

The video is 2 minutes video and in under 40 seconds, one can identify with it very fast.

Here it is

Flaqo told Willis Raburu of Citizen TV that his skit imitating Rapper Kahligraph Jones was the one that brought him to the limelight. The videos are not easy to make and it takes hardwork, some script writing and tinge of badass creativity.

The comedian has been featured in the mainstream media, he did a 26-minute interview with Raburu on Citizen TV, shared below. He was also interviewed by KTN News, Nation FM and Ebru TV among others.

He won the Comedy Act of the Year 2019 at the XtremeAwards gala. Flaqo also performed at the Live Vine Show.

Another hilarious video by Flaqo about the spoken word culture in Kenya.


Azziad Nasenya, the now-famous TikTok Content creator today partnered with Flaqo on this skit; #FlaqoNaAziad

The video that was posted 4 hours ago now has over 42,000 views.

Here is that interview Flaqo had with Willis Raburu. He narrated to Citizen TV his journey in 2019. Check it out below. #Flaqomedy

For a guy that started out in August 2018, Flaqo’s popularity has soared, his Instagram and Youtube accounts have massive followings with over 131,000 followers and 95,200 subscribers respectively.

This guys future is bright.