How to buy Dogecoin in Kenya

First of all, I’ll speak about buying Dogecoin from the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world, that is Binance

1. Sign up to, get your account verified.
2. Have some money in your MPESA account
3. Go to buy crypto, then P2P trading
4. Change currency to KES (Kenya Shillings)
5. Find the USDT coin, this is a US dollar backed coin.
6. Click on a better deal from the traders list.
7. Check if the trader accepts MPESA or MPESA paybill
8. Click buy (buy at least USDT worth KES2000)
9. Complete the buying as per instructions
10. Now move to Trade (a tab on the top of the page) , then convert USDT (chose max) to Doge (click on the default BTC, and type Doge)
11. Convert the USDT into Dogecoin as per the appearing screen.

Style 2

This one requires a good bank, most banks in Kenya don’t accept cryptocurrency trading and so will block your transaction.

However, according to experience, Standard Chartered accepts.


1. After signing into binance, go to buy crypto, then click Debit/Credit card.
2. Input the details of your card, i.e. Your card number and other relevant information.
3. On the page that appeared above, one can see BTC as the default crypto to buy, click on it and type Doge, click on Doge.
4. Insert the amount of money, minimum is KES2100, then buy Doge. Complete the steps.
5. Simple and easy.