#LivesOverEconomy: How ironic?

The Jubilee Regime that has sunk Kenya into a banana republic where former slayqueens, lowlifes, drug dealers and murderers call the shots is telling Kenyans that Lives matter more than the economy.

How do we separate the two?

In my little understanding, we live in a world where money is as important as life itself, so when someone hashtags #LivesOverEconomy, it really beats logic.

What are we on here?

Kenyans were suffering even before the COVID-19 pandemic came to these shores.

Most couldn’t afford three square meals per day, unemployment was at an all-time high, it has only worsened.

The tragedy now is that those that were suffering are more oppressed from the measures that were recently announced to curb the spread of the virus.

Measure which some people sat on the boardroom, listen to janitors, housegirls, and fearful old people, and came up with it.

Clearly, no doctor speaks sanely anymore, because, even by the badly managed data in Kenya, COVID-19 is not the number 1 killer disease.

Therefore, there’s no need to lock down anything.

It then seems that the #LivesOverEconomy means that as you were already suffering, near the point of death due to lack of basic needs, you should die already as we don’t care anymore.

You can’t separate economics and lives.

We need sane approaches towards covid19 containment.

Uhuru and his govt have looted over 500 billion shillings meant to tame this virus and are now paying jobless youths to push #LivesOverEconomy on Twitter.

The Sh500 billion is enough to pay the most vulnerable in Kenya a stipend, supply a substantial number of ICU beds in the country, enough to vaccinate a large part of our population.

Uhuru Ruto have failed and should not escape the hangman’s noose.

Uhuru now hangs on Covid-19 as the destroyer of Kenya’s economy praying hard that Kenyans forget that the economy was in tatters anyway. Don’t forget that by February 2020, an article in the standard stated clearly that the National Treasury didn’t have any money left.

Uhuru was ‘saved’ by the Covid-19  pandemic, he could now borrow money on the guise of fighting the virus, he could lockdown anytime he wanted as long as the highest bidder for mineral rights, land for ranches paid something.