Go Beyond And Heal!

We get into life with an empty brain, the brain is a blank template that seeks to learn all that it can.

It is also said that before the age of four years, we take in a lot by observation.

Experts argue that children learn by observing their parents and not by listening to their words.

Life is true and it is for this reason that we are presented with so much as we grow.

Unfortunately, in our learning, we can only take in what our environment presents to us. In lay man’s terms, we only take after what we are exposed to and that’s the central point of my topic today.

Most of the time in life, we are presented with situations that are beyond our grasp and so we suffer because, before we find out a way out of such situation, we have to search deep within and without us to try to understand what we can do to defeat the present troubles.

One certainty is that if one depends on what they’ve known since childhood, then it is quite clear that they can’t defeat what ails them if it is beyond what they’ve been exposed to all along in life. And life has many of this as one gets older/leaves the nest.

As Albert Einstein said, we can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.

So what next?

If you have fallen into problems, why not look outwards your mind, your comfort zone for solutions?

For example: What will you as a Christian that has fallen out of job and is now jobless do when you are presented with a job offer from a new beer factory opening in your neighborhood?

Most often our upbringing in religious ways wouldn’t allow us to accept your problems and go forth to deal with it rationally.

Question? Why can’t you take the job?

Answer: Because you’ll lose the approval of the society.

See, the above is not an enough reason to life a live of suffering and lack. Most often the society you are trying to be part of neither understands you nor has a solution for your problems. It takes a person to take the bull by the horns and face their problems in a bid to solve them.

The illusion of love in adversity, or wanting to fit in should not blind you into living an average life.

A religious man can take a job in the aforementioned factory or even in a bar, where the problem? Why can’t you relocate to a new town and try your lack there if things are tough where you are and you don’t know what to do?

The above is just one example, can you think beyond? I mean beyond your problems?

If the world has thrown you out, why don’t you embrace the being thrown out and now move away from what you’ve known your whole life?

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