Reason Why There Was No Covid-19 In Africa For Long Until Europeans Came In

The world wondered for the most part of January and February 2020 tmehy Africa, their Guinea-pig, the bane of many ravaging diseases was not getting infected by Coronavirus.

The reason is simple and is not hateful.

African have a gig standards for hygiene.

History books that are hidden from. The larger public and schools talk of Africans as having taught Europeans the art of living in houses devoid of animals and hygiene.

Europe in the past was ravaged by diseases such as the plague and the Spanish flu because the inhabitants had not learnt much of rhat they were taught

Much of the lessons Africans taught white people was lost in the slave trade when one man placed money and profit above humanity.

Seems they forgot why Africans weren’t getting coronavirus, yet they were.

But in a classic fashion, remembering their nature devoid of melanin, and so devoid of any deep spiritual grounding and humanity, the Europeans, carrying coronavirus started coming to Africa and then the infections started.

Africa is poor by design and the poverty has led to poor leaders who ride on the back of poor Healthcare, hunger and intimidation to stay in power.

Fuck you Europe and all African leaders.

The answer why there was no coronavirus in Africa is Hygiene.

Africans bath 2-3 times a day and if there’s no water, they know what not to eat.

Body strong.

Using makeup, bleaching and eugenics cannot compare to ingrained strong body hygiene routine.