Book Review: Parliament of Owls by Adipo Sidang (A Play)

This play by award-winning author Adipo Sidang’ is representative of any government, especially in Africa.

The perception of democracy, the plunder thereof, the gap between the rich and the poor, the sellouts, the rebels, some without cause.

Do we take the agreement between Oyundi (promoted to Fire-Finch Owl) and Tula Nyongoro (The King or Royal Owl) as some form of a grand coalition government or a handshake?

Oyundi is also female. (signs of the times)

However, the author might’ve not wanted any guesses, so maybe he chose the opposition figure as female.

The play is a brief, and catchy opinion on democracy and how it fails.

Adipo uses the kingdom of birds to represent humans.

It is a Kingdom of birds where the leaders are the Owls.

There’s a charming claim of democracy in the kingdom, the laws to keep birds in check and laws to suppress opposition.

There’s backstabbing and lobbying

There’s activism

There are assassinations of unrelenting rebels, ostensibly for the good of the Kingdom.


“…the owls cast themselves as the only birds with the capacity to think intelligently and make good laws for the prosperity of the Kingdom. However, this is not evident in the way business is conducted in the Parliament of Owls”.