What a man should know about a woman’s monthly cycle

By Jerr Rrej

Every month a woman goes through an up cycle (Follicular) and down cycle (Luteal) This hormone flux causes woman to feel irrational in her own behaviorism. All psychology is built atop biology. This thread will go into what a man must understand about a woman’s menstrual cycle.

When a woman goes through her down cycle, she will be more emotional with feelings of vulnerability. During this phase, she will crave more comforts and be more attractive to “nice guys” Her sexual cravings will be lower.

When a woman is going through her up cycle, she will be less emotional with triumphant and confident feelings. During this phase, a woman may want to go out on dates to get fucked. She is highly aroused by masculine men who can dominate her. High sex drive.

This up and down cycle not only effects a woman’s sexual drive but also her level of moodiness. When a woman is about to begin her period, she will experience cramps and bloated feelings. She will feel uncomfortable and unattractive. Her sex drive will drop.

This moodiness is most timed called “That time of her month” A woman can become more disrespectful during this time and will test a man more than normal. Men will many times try to avoid their women during this part of the month. But is this normal?

What a man must understand is that his consistent and strong frame has a major influence on his woman’s moodiness during her hormone flux. A lot of females use this time of men as an excuse for bad behavior and power gain. They will terrorize unframed men with high disrespect.

The Wall Speaks book is about masculine frame, it teaches how to live with one woman. Frame is not about promiscuity.


But it is the man’s fault. Why? Because a woman needs a strong frame to protect her from herself. While a woman is going through an uncomfortable hormone flux, she will be resentful that she has no framed man to calm her. Men who act unframed act like boys, not men.

The hormone flux inside a female makes her crave the certitude of a masculine frame. This frame calms her into submission which lessens the tests a man gets in a relationship. A man who bears strong frame will decrease his woman’s premenstrual moodiness and disrespect during this

Unframed men who do not set the sex schedule will notice that their females only want to fuck once or twice a month during up cycle. Then the rest of the month, the female will be disrespectful and not want to have sex. This is to be expected from female nature with unframed men.

What can a man do when his woman is being moody and disrespectful with her PMS. He must correct her bad behavior and withdraw his affection from her. The more withdrawn a female becomes, the more withdrawn a man should be with her. This allows her to seek his validation instead.

Once a man bears frame, he will notice that he can fuck a woman all month long. And if it is not fucking, it is cock sucking. He will notice that his woman stays consistent because he stays consistent. He does not allow her disrespect regardless of her hormone flux.

Jerr Rrej is the author of The Wall Speaks.

The Wall Speaks is an easy to read guide on learning masculine frame.