Why women are more like dogs than men

By Jerr Rrej

It is common to hear Jezabels saying that “Men are like dogs” A young boy can be raised to view himself like a dog. What these women are doing is saying that men are animalistic like dogs. That they are easy to please like dogs in base pleasures.

What a man must realize is that dogs are more like women than men and this thread will go into detail on how females are like our four-legged friends. Once a man understands this, he will begin to see women in a new way. Read on.

The one thing a man will realize when he owns a dog is that it requires leadership and training. If a dog is not being properly led, it will become anxious and fall into bad behaviorism. There are no bad dogs only bad trainers. Owners who fail in leadership are failing their dogs

A woman becomes anxious when she is not being led on a date or in a relationship. When a man fails to lead a woman in daily ritual, he will increase her anxiety. Women become anxious when their men fail in leadership, and this makes them stray. Being led calms them down.

Another thing a man will notice about a dog is how receptive they are to their owner’s expression of emotion. If the owner is anxious, his dog will become anxious just as if the owner is excited his dog will become excited. Dogs mirror their owners. Calming self will calm dogs.

The Wall Speaks book is about masculine frame, it teaches how to live with one woman. Frame is not about promiscuity.


If a man has anxiety issues, his woman will become anxious. Her leader is scared which makes her scared. And she will feel that she must lead him which will make her resent him. This is why women punish overly emotional men because they are triggered by the emotionalism.

A woman likes to be led on a walk just as a dog likes to be led on a walk. In fact, going on walks is a supreme pleasure to woman as long as the man is leading the way. Take a woman by the hand and the dog by the leash. Go explore. Lead the way.

Giving a dog calm and consistent discipline calms the dogs’ anxiety. When a dog is not corrected, it will feel lost and will have behavioral issue. Women hates men who are pushovers and crave men who can “put them in their place” Correcting a woman is essential to a relationship

A dog craves no just discipline but also affection. They become happy when petted. The same for women. A man must balance affection with discipline. Women want and crave affection from their masculine leaders. They want to feel that their leader appreciates them.

Dogs love the bone and so do women. Let us move on.

The key thing for a man to realize is that a woman requires framed leadership similar to the framed leadership that a dog requires. They crave to be led by a man who is in control of his emotions and who balances discipline/affection.

This is why men living alone and young men would benefit from owning a dog. Dogs are frame practice and make us forget about our own troubles by focusing on leading them. Owning a dog is a practice of emotional control and practice in leadership. They are cherished beasts of men.

Jerr Rrej is the author of The Wall Speaks.

The Wall Speaks is an easy to read guide on learning masculine frame.