After William Ruto, Kenya will be a very pagan nation

Kenyans are religious and when not religious, they are superstitious.

This means that most of them believe in the existence of a higher being.

God is revered in Kenya and as such, God is believed to work, to help anyone who is struggling to overcome their bad days.

But it will not be for long.

Kenyans are learned people, if not learned, they are very aggressive and they know that things will work and become better by the sweat of their brow aka hard work.

The election of a religious William Ruto, at least on the surface, was meant to usher changes to the way things work in the country.

Christians actually believed that the man accused of masterminding Post-Election Violence by the ICC and murdering Jacob Juma is a saint.

But this is beside the point.

The point is, the spouses of the head of state and his deputy are somehow extremely religious.

Rachael Ruto is a prayer warrior

Dorcas Rigathi is a pastor, complete with a church? Yes.

Kenyans believing in God or a supernatural being means that He must then work since he truly now has people who are not only chosen by him (as we are always told) but also worship him.

There are also those prophets that said Raila Odinga’s presidency was surebet. How are they fairing? Who will listen to them again?, who will believe God again?

But then this world, the physicality of it and the reality of money and power must also work. Ama?

William Ruto is now in charge and it is a make-or-break moment for the religious and superstitious county.

Simply put God is on trial

To the many who are sceptic about the whole business of going to heaven, their moment has arrived.

Those who have been shouting hoarse in busses, street corners and in churches every Sunday, about the power of God are now under sharp focus.

In a few short years, it’ll be a ‘You can’t tell me nothing” moment after moment.

Religious people will be put to task to explain how God allowed extra judicial killings, how God oversaw a ravaging drought, how Somalis to received relief food yet we had North Eastern and Turkana ravaged by drought and were truly in need of that, how the cost of living is at an all-time high yet prayers are supposed to be answered, how a drunkard (Uhuru) closed alcohol factories yet a bible wielding Ruto opened them.

The people of God will be asked why kids have dropped out of university and college due to non-funding by govt of God, and how poverty has risen ten-fold due to IMF-induced policies that don’t cater for the common man.

It will be hard to convince a Kenyan that the rising number of extrajudicial killings is God’s doing, but don’t worry am being rational here.

Some will use the bible to defend hunger, poverty and killings.

Is it not David, a man after God’s own heart, who slaughtered without mercy, punishment through hunger (Deuteronomy 28:48; Lamentations 4:4-10).

Religion doesn’t augur well with rationality. This is why in the minds of religious people, Dorcas Rigathi is easily forgiven, she actually said that she is praying for hunger to go away. Will manna fall from heaven?

Us sceptics wonder how that is helpful yet we know that we have Galana – Kulalu which can be revived to do that. Sceptics need tangible physical results.

In the end, then, everything turns to shit and paganism will take greater root in Kenya.

Here ladies and gentlemen, the NEW AGE.