Book Launch: Man About Town by Silas Nyanchwani

Silas Nyanchwani is literally on steroids as pertains to books

This is his third book and there is credible information that a fourth is on the way.

Man About Town is about the story of life in Nairobi.

The back cover reads:

Largely unemployed for the last so many ears, Nywanchwani become a low-budget gadabout, loitering in Nairobi with intent.

Like a fly on the wall he is in your neighbourhood, in night clubs in the streets, everywhere, constantly observing the human angst, complexities and contradictions. In a club, he can’t dance, so he is a voyeur winking at your skimpily dressed girls. When he sees a couple on a night out, he is morbidly curious; is the relationship starting? Is it that phase where couples have bored each other? Or is he about to lose her to a man with a bigger car or cock? He observes all these and then makes his judgement which he serves in his book, Man About Town.

They are very catchy phrases in the book that summaries the life of a Nairobian or living in Nairobi. Very relatable and funny.

The book launch is slated for Saturday, 30th 2022 at The Collective Restaurant, View Park Towers, Utalii Street from 2 pm to 5 pm.

The dress code is denim.

More on the poster below:

The author has other books under his belt, Sexocised and 50 Memos to Men