BOOK REVIEW: The Wall Speaks by Jerr Rrej

It is not arguable that most of the dysfunctions we found ourselves embroiled in in the current world is caused by the emasculation of the human male.

The author of The Wall Speaks captures this truth is simple and kind language.

Men are important for the order and growth of the earth, yet they are being pushed down, downtrodden and left to whine like women. This should not be the case.

Jerr Rrej carries the kind language that bears fire and cuts at the heart of the matter like a very sharp sword.

The Wall Speaks is an easy to read guide on learning masculine frame.

Frame is how a man appears or should learn to be manly.

Men must be very rational; this is the opposite of women; as women are very emotional.

In common psychology or etiquette practice, most of us know that emotions solve nothing. That when one makes decisions through emotions, they are bound to fail.

Most regret later.

And why would you then live a life of emotions as a man?

This book brings out the truth on how relationships between a man and a woman must be.

That a man must lead, and to be a leader, one must take responsibility for all things. One must LEAD.

But there’s a blame men must carry. Our forefathers have enabled the feminism movement to grow further making the world chaotic. Blame all these chaos on men for accepting and falling for feminism. It is their dominant mothers that made them think that worshipping women is a good thing. Pick up frame and pass it. Help men

Women, innately love to be led, and to be dominated as this is written deep within the genes from existence in thousands of years.

The chaos you see in single or unled women is due to the lack of strong masculine frames. Sadly this singer chaotic women pass this frames to their sons who in turn live depressing lives.

The world is drunk to teach men to share feelings, or to show emotions.

Relationships are a game of power, but the man must learn how to win always for a productive and great life.

One might take some words of this book as outlandish, but not for me.

I figured out why women act the way they do.

Women reward manly males with respect and sex, and this is one of the reasons women tend to cheat or easy for them to fit anywhere. They blame their cheating on their husbands (not being said, is that their husband or boyfriend wasn’t showcasing manly traits)

You might wonder how that guy you consider ugly gets all the women. It is the masculine frame.

You might wonder why women never take responsibility for anything (When they cheat they blame another). They often want to shift blame. It is female nature.

Women are cruel by nature due to the chaos in their spirits. And masculine frame calms this.

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At some point Jerr gets too deep into the aspects bordering the spiritual realm (which I didn’t have a hard time understanding because I’ve delved into such), but might be hard for the average reader. This is largely seen in, for example, the issues to do with alcohol and how the feminist movement has deeply affected the world towards the end of the book.

Pick up this book today and learn. It is a book that one would find hard to put down.

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