Operation: make Nairobi a desert

Water is not a scarce resource, it is humans that have mismanaged it for the benefit of a few elites.

In Kenya, the Oligarchs control many basic resources, and the plan to make Nairobi uninhabitable is in high gear, thanks to the Kibaki-era horniness about gated communities and cities (Konza TechnoCity, Eldoret Golf City etc).

It is this dream that led one diabolic family to launch their own, Northlands city.

Northlands City which will be an expat-mostly city is not far from Nairobi but the private city has already geared and is being propped up to compete with the non-artificial Nairobi.

So, in order to attract people to the Northlands, it will be great to kill Nairobi.

On 21st September, 2021, we launched the Kenyan conspiracy theory platform. Send your conspiracy to contact@ekoroi.com

Step 1

Take Nairobi away from the county government, make it a ministry. Oops, this was exposed, so what do we do next, the oligarchs asked themselves while seeping the high champaign flown from UK.

Oh, let’s do a military take over. And that’s how Mohamed Badi came in with Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS).

Step 2

Make Nairobi dirty, unclean, dilapidated with poor infrastructure.

Build an expressway that destroys the concept of a beautiful green city under the sun. Make it’s residents feel the heat of it all.

Step 3

Thanks to COVid-19, use the curfew to amass land, for sewage and water recycling operation for the new city.

Step 4

Nearly finished, collect all water from the rivers that emanate from Mount Kenya and direct it to our expat-only city. Wow. It is happening under the World Bank-funded project.

United Nations ENVIRONMENTAL Programme  (UNEP) headquartered in Nairobi cannot do sh*t, pocketed!

With World Bank and UNEP on our side, even UNHABITAT cannot say anoything. we have leverage with international media and our PR machinery is running fine. Perfect, well oiled.

Murang’a County’s Northern Collector Tunnel Water Allegedly Directed To President Uhuru’s Northlands City

Step 5

Stick to power by all means. You know how.

Even a coup can be organised and ‘thwarted’ for this purposes and you know how the military has already been incorporated in tenders for doing works cheaply and fast.

You like it? Yes.

Operation make Nairobi City a desert in terms of resources, finance and people.  Muende makwenyu ushago mulime mashamba mukufe maskini. Nchi ni ya baba yangu

Step 6

Kill education and make them dumb through CBC and make university education very expensive.

Step 7

Make harsh and irrational laws so that you can send most of their youth to prison for cheap labour

Bro and siz, acha niachie hapo. Jaribu kufikiria sasa, jipange ama utapangwa!


This is a conspiracy theory and is intended for creating a new world of authoritarianism or freedom. It is also intended to stire debate.