GScroll: Completely-new social media by Kenyans to the World

GScroll has first appeared on my online search in late September.

As a former IT enthusiast, I was looking for the next frontier to conquer and then boom, I saw this, but what made it catchier is the fact that top blogger Cyprian Nyakundi recommended it on his Telegram Channel ( sometime at the start of October, so I re-dug in.

In September, there was not much unique about it, only that it presented a new way of calling things. When I signed up, instead of posts, I got scrolls.

Instead of share, I got re-scribe.

The Like button is padded up by an uppvote and a downvote buttons which one can use to express like or dislike for a post.

The green social media website has a trending topic interface complete with a feature I think most bloggers will love, the blog post interface which is different from the one for common posting. The difference is that the common posts allow fewer characters of up to 280, whereas the blog interface takes more than that.

According to its official account, Gscroll still is under development with a few glitches here and there, for example, one cannot see all users for a follow.

From a physical count, the users for the social media launched less than a month number slightly over a thousand, mostly Kenyans.

There is no censorship to topics of discussions. Though topics discussed mostly are normal football banter, relationship, individual musings etc.

Well, its motto is free speech, forever!

Users can also create groups, and to avoid spamming this passes through a vigorous process of filtering through questions.

For marketers, Gscroll is a great place to get real Kenyan audience, though one cannot at this point measure the reach of a post, as those tools are still under development.

However, with an Alexa ranking that is above 400 (391 at the time of writing), it means the posts are viewed widely.

One thing I have also noticed, there’s no clutter and all posts pass through my screen.

Oh yes, you can also create polls.

You can join it here

More to follow