They’ve tried to depopulate the earth using various means

In 2010, while working at a certain international bank a friend who was very knowledgeable about the affairs of the world in politics, business and economics uttered some words that are now coming to me full blast.

We were talking about the need to control people and the new world Order when he said, ‘these people who seek to control the world have blueprints of over 100 years to come’.

Of course, being a sabbath keepers and knowing the contents of the Bible books of Revelation and Daniel, I never thought of it that way.

It would later hit me, that it seemed futile to try to wrestle power from these satanists who intent on imposing their belief systems on the world through worship of a God who showed no mercy to mankind.

It is now clear

Though I couldn’t possibly have the mental picture then, I have it now.

A war was waged on Yemen a few years ago, it was very shady war, not much makes news even now anyway save for a few activist talking on social media.

Now this was in Yemen, has exposed a lot of the world’s good basket to Locusts because, while Yemenis continue to grapple with everyday survival, there’s no govt to offer to take the locusts, so the locusts found themselves in East Africa and it is spreading.

Mark you, if you didn’t know, most of the world’s frsh farm produce come from Africa. Africa feeds the world.

I argue that, in their attempt to depopulate the world, they are using a multi-pronged approach in 2020.

War has been waged but people come back stronger. War has also created the problem of immigration into the territories of western government and they don’t like it. The Satanists don’t care. They run the govt behind the scenes.

So, war and famine are the tools I have already discussed.

To put these things in perspective, in the past recent past, you heard about Genetically Modification of crops, allegedly to make them better resisters of disease and drought.

Well, the company that was at the forefront of that Monsanto wrapped up and was bought by Bayer AG, a German headquartered firm with tentacles almost everywhere on planet earth.

They couldn’t replace natural growing plants with artificially modified ones but they changed tact. Monsanto which is now under Bayer has face lawsuits running into billions of dollars; dragged to court by those who said it’s glyphosate based pesticide (weed and grass killer) known as Roundup was responsible for their cancer, the non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

My argument is, going by the ‘100 years blueprint’ talk, things are beginning to fall into place.

The United Nations Organization has warned of famine of biblical proportions in the coming months. A famine of biblical proportions to use UN’s term should send shivers down your spine. As recorded in 2nd Kings 6:29.

Ladies and gentlemen, the world is self sufficient. The problem has always been greed, human greed where people sabotage supply routes so as to create an unequal environment where few people have more than it is enough while others have nothing. This is what I call Satanism.

The principality and powers that sit in high and low places that is not friendly, humane, loving or considerate.

These people are sick.

There’s always a way to make the world dysfunctional in their diary.

I argue that people who are now resisting the lies about Covid-19 shenanigans might force the Satanists to bring out another way for them to capture you. Watch out.

Few people (it doesn’t require many) have always stood in their way and won.

The world should be free.