Book Review: The Cortexide Mission by Isaac Ndolo

Written By Bennet Owuonda

Having received, a free copy from the author for an honest book review, I can say that this was an interesting December read.

The novel dwells mainly on historical events which involved the Europeans and Africans. The themes of the story revolve; war, betrayal, cultural beliefs, death.

The protagonists in this book are Kamala and Ann, who against all odds of the conspiracies that are placed to threaten humanity they stand and break them.

Kamala has just one objective of saving his community from the power-hungry Europeans who see Africa as cake, this is seen in page 262 as the author describes what the word “Cortex” mean

‘The brain of human beings is made up of many components. Now, the ability to store information, draw out the stored information and triangulate with information to make rational decisions…’

 These are the decisions that make Ann, also a character in the novel who makes the decision of being a spy in a bid to save her father’s life who is facing treason charges. Even as Ann takes the offer to save her father she remains asking herself the question that she doesn’t have the answer for that…

“Do you believe there is any benefit to deploy me to Africa, while the real threat to the world peace lurks right here in Europe?”

 Is it worth dying for your community when nobody shows any sign of wanting help from anybody, the author brings this clearly by giving it a word ‘pathogen’. This pathogen seems to be the greatest of all diseases without a cure.

The pathogens are the evil things that the white man does to the black people in their own land because their leaders are dumb enough that they only need praises and they are willing to sell their chieftaincy to the supremacy of the white man.

“Tell me everything about the cruel, inhumane plans your people have for my people. Tell me about the thing you sat around tables for hours, days, months, years to discuss with long maps spread before you as your aged leaders stroked their beards and made bid over the cake they call Africa”

That’s the question Kamala ask Chris who admits he knows nothing about the bomb attack on Kamala’s land. He says he’s just a soldier who is following orders and Kamala’s people are just but among his many targets.

The pathogen is what also sends Ann deep inside Africa to search for the enemy’s biological pathogen, she is sent there because she has a baccalaureate degree in War and Biology.

Kamala having saved his community from the dangers of the white man he becomes a hero among his people.  He was welcomed as a chief-to-be who had proven himself worthy of the throne as he did all that he could to send away the intruders.

Kamala managed to destroy the Hegemonic status, that the Europeans used as an advantage over other people.

My take about the book, The Cortexide Mission is a good historical book that should be up in all school libraries as it talks about events leading to World War I, how the communities reacted to the invasion of the whites, how they defended themselves.

Thumbs down, was just the book has so many characters that were introduced along the way, plus again use of hard to pronounce names.