Book Review – Retirement Planning: A Holistic guide to a satisfying season by Rose Wakiria

This book gives wide-ranging advice on what to do to live a life full of satisfaction in retirement. But first, one has to plan for it.

It is timely as it exposes us to these tenets during one of the hardest times on earth brought about by Covid-19.

In fact, the author Rose Wakiria comments on that.

Her holistic plan involves advice on what to prepare for in retirement, investing for and in retirement.

She delves deep into how to prepare for retirement both socially and psychologically.

But how do you plan for retirement without a formal job?

Well, most people don’t know this but Kenya has a Retirement Benefits Authority (RBA) which controls the insurance industry’s pension products.

There’s a pension scheme knows as Mbao Plan, where those working in the informal sector and have signed up contribute Sh20 per day or about Sh600 per month.

It is a good scheme that says, ‘leave no man behind’

Ms Wakiria writes in simple English, uses illustrations and examples as the book ascends to a masterpiece in financial planning especially geared towards retirement.

By the way, many people plan to retire and sit somewhere to eat from their investments slowly. But the author opens one’s mind to investing after one has retired.

The book is timely as Covid-19 and such natural disasters and even economic turmoil come without warning and one cannot always predict the onset of retirement.

You would like to be independent, so start planning and do what is needed for a satisfying retirement.

With 105 pages of practical advice, it is not easy to put this book down once you start.

I recommend this book to people of all ages, 18 to 60-year-old.

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