People Have Refused Religion!

In a world that is facing many problems at once.

In a world that is having more information and knowledge about things at the click of a button.

Religion doesn’t stand a chance, scrutiny has been going up especially after 2012.

Perhaps the Mayans prediction, where their calendar ended abruptly on 21 December 2012 is something mystics should come forth more and explain.

“It might mean the end of monotheism”

Being one of those people who is amazed by the mysteries of the world and the way religion and spiritualism works, I want to lend my thoughts.

Religions of Islam and Christianity are losing their lustre in an increasingly polytheist world.

It is quite okay to question God and as such improve on one’s relationship with his surroundings.

Christians have always wished away the question, ‘why a loving God would allow so much suffering in the world’. Even especially in the age of killer coronavirus.

The answer had always been there (I will come to it later) but religious zealots often don’t want to tackle it thus.

The answer religious people give is that if the world is not of suffering then how can you make a distinction between it and heaven. This is a lie.

First of all, the world is a real place according to the reality of here now. There’s nothing else that matters anywhere while we are here.

As humans evolved to become modern and to solve most of their problems, the pursuit has always been towards comfort and happiness. Religion or worship of higher beings was not always this way.

In the African way, religion was spiritual and many people would still question many things but unlike now, it was more humane and with much peace than divisions as characterised today

Religion which is far more mundane, shallow and more materialistic in nature than spiritualism was hijacked, changed, defaced, cheated by the new owners of the world, the white people.

White people used it to colonized large swathes of the world, changing the way God looked by transporting the White Jesus around.

This is what it is.

Religion doesn’t solve anything. When your prayer is answered, that is the realm of spiritualism that most of the religions have shunned and demonized. Does it need a lot of explanation to the saying ‘what one thinks, is hat they become?”,  to the notion, ‘if you concentrate much on one thing that one wants, then that thing will come to you?”

To go back to my statement, the answer to why there’s so much suffering in the world is because of the lies perpetuated by the colonizing white outlook on religion.

White people promise heaven which is not on earth so that all the other populations of the world can accept their poverty which is artificially created by politicos of the World Banks, IMFs and other institutions that support the subjugation of the whole world.

They themselves live in comfort here on earth while promising others that if you pray hard, you will live in comfort in heaven.

These are accompanied by such verses as Mathew 6:19-20 which states erroneously 19 ‘lay not up for yourselves treasures upon the earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal’, 20 ‘But lay up for yourselves in heaven, where moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal’.

The verse is a scam inserted to subjugate the world’s that are not of white people.

Many other countries have suffered less from this myopia than Africans for they retained their forms of worship and Gods. For example, look at Asia.

Unlike Asians, Africans were quick to abandon their gods for the white man’s god. This has caused so much pain and suffering on this continent.

Over 400 years of slavery and many more of mental enslavement is not easy to remove now. But for those few people like me, know that life is more than physical matter. This is scientific, and that if it is then more than physical matter, one mans outlook on richness differs from the other.

The only wrong thing is continuing to demonize African way of life in the unreached part by enforcing feeble, vague and shallow religious activities such as Islam and Christianity.

Let people be.

Comfort is in following whatever traditions of our fathers were. It doesn’t look the same all throughout the continent, but it is important that it let be.

Western Kenya has those churches that mix modernity with old African beliefs. These are the resistance and should be left alone too. In time, over a course of many years, they’ll revert back to the true African worship.

Most people refuse religion because of their glaring inefficiencies in dealing with present-day lives.

Over 70 per cent of youths fear an unknown God who they think will strike them with some maladies that are incurable, but at least they don’t abide by religion. However, what most have forgotten is that life is not forever and that at some point we die.

It is a complex statement that requires time to internalize though it looks obvious.

In religion, there’s a lot of fear-mongering, in spiritualism, there’s a lot of freedom of thought, of action and of the whole being.

It is time to change, one at a time.

Close those houses and let’s have discourses about true life and living.