Never Waste Time Trying To Earn A Woman’s Respect, There’s None

There’s a story that is told about a man who feigned dumbness for many years so as to avoid talking to his wife.

For the newly married and the unmarried, one advice I would like to offer freely to the men is that, once you are in a ‘permanent’ relationship, your wife won’t respect you.

I have come across many men complaining how they are emotionally abused by their wives to the point that some wonder why yet most often they have provided ‘all’ that is needed in the house.

Women have a penchant for vexation of the spirit, women don’t love peace. Because if one loves peace then they must know that the first rule is never to ‘make up’ accusations but to be submissive and humble in inquiry.

Since this is a hard truth to swallow in the current world then the vexations of the spirit which leaves in its trail divorce, separation, suicide and death is something that will be here with us. Nothing should shock anyone.

Today, a religious couple, a pastor and his wife died in a church in the most gruesome manner. The man stabbed the wife to death then committed suicide during service. See that?

Marriage is supposed to be that the man loves the woman and the woman totally respects the man.

It is not so because in the past 40 years or so, the rise of powerful bitter women have sowed the seed and intoxicated most women to think that they are equal to men. Nature serves a purpose and has opposites. On earth, we live in nature and as such must respect some inalienable truths that man and woman are different and according to the order set for many centuries in many cultures women must respect the husband and the husband must love the wife. Love then doesn’t include vexations and wrongful accusations.

The modern world where some men have emerged to preach that women belong to the kitchen or that a woman needs to be put down either through a slap or mistreatment seems valid point and it is taking its point from the manifesto of oppression and creating a slave-like condition. Which should not be.

It is being preached so because women have learnt to go against the order of nature. I’ve always known from a younger age that, a rebel must be prepared to pay the price. If women want to be equal to men, then the price is loneliness, beatings, divorce, cheating…

No one wants to marry a woman who is competing with him as the authority of the house. Remember, man is to love the wife, and the woman is to respect the husband.

My rule of engagement has always been, nothing surprises me as I have played all the bad and good scenarios in my head. Trust me, the bad I have played in my mind more than the good because they teach one to be able to look at things clearer in this God-forsaken world. See,  what’s the point in teaching yourself to overlook things by being positive yet the world is full of negativity?

For example, what would you do if your wife leaves you?

What will you do if your wife cheats?

What will you do if your wife suddenly dies?

Preparing oneself at least in the mind about the above scenarios and many bad others in life, to me, is not negativity, but being prepared. It is better than always believing blindly that life is a great thing.

No, I don’t want to be negative but the above instances have made me a bit heartless to myself. Nothing shakes me and as such a nuclear war can be going on by my side but am calm as still waters.

The learning of certain things such as defining love has messed up some young men (newly married) minds such that if they don’t feel butterflies inside their stomach they think that they don’t love their wives.

Butterflies in the stomach feeling do not signify love, for crying out loud. A mans and woman’s union is all about sex; all about lusting for the other, all about procreation; so cut the crap and fuck her hard.

If she is stubborn, fuck her again. If she continues to be stubborn, talk to her, however, I know for sure, women don’t listen so it takes me to the next step, mistreat her.

Life is supposed to be a beautiful individual experience and for the married folks, unfortunately, this is always not the reality.

During divorce proceedings, a lawyer told my friend that, ‘a woman will never respect you as long as she had seen your nakedness’.

Another spiritual leader told me the same thing but in a very deep manner. He said, ‘women are dangerous and the more you confide in her, the weaker you become’.

Then another today opened my eyes, he accepted that women are stubborn and will always find time to be occasionally annoying.

The mistreatment I was talking about is this: since life is an experience that is supposed to be beautiful for everyone but she only got nagging words. Then the one thing that should happen after you have provided everything and she still makes you go mad with fabricated accusations; then the time to mistreat her is upon you.

Go out without telling her, come home drunk (if you take alcohol), slap her if she doesn’t listen, buy/do things late, refuse to buy some things, let her sleep hungry and don’t care; if she argues with you slap her.

This mistreatment works wonders and it is no wonder the men of yore often showed their manliness by not mingling or even giving ear to arguments or complaints by women.

It reduced women to gossiping and shouting and chest-thumping on the women, mostly, when they went to the river to fetch water. women were women and men were men, the boundary was very clear.

The point is a woman you are married to or even in a relationship will never respect you enough and as such don’t waste time adding more goodies to her. I was advised and I have put mind to it that a woman can easily wake up one day and walk away anytime, fuck any man she wants or get married to another family and stay there, become part of that new family like nothing happened.

Don’t waste time, mistreat her. Do the opposite of what she wants and love your life as a man for the nagging, the vexations come whether you are a man who provides everything or not.

As long as you have provided what is beneficial, appropriate and according to your means, don’t pay mind to her nagging and vexations. Slap that bitch, this is not heaven, it is earth.

Women should fuck off. Mistreat her and earn her respect.