Did the London 2012 Olympic games opening theme predict Covid-19 pandemic?

The world is full of conspiracy theories and sometimes there are many untill one feels tired.

This is one of those posts that takes a conspiracy theory about coronavirus (Sars-Cov2 or Covid-19) from the eyes of those who believe that indeed the opening theme of the London 2012 Olympics games predicted the disease.

In the opening, a video from far above shows an arrangement of artists inf a form of a Covid-19 virus molecule.

A picture taken nearer the scebes shows artists dresses as nurses surrounded by hospital beds.

There’s also an effigy of what looks like current British Premier Boria Johnson who seems to be affected by the disease.

You forgot the effigy of Boris Johnson (Mayor of London at the time) seemingly struck with an awful sickness in a hospital bed. As it so occurred in the eventual psyop 8 years later as Prime Minister. – Observation from a Twitter user

Conspiracy theorists believe that this predicted Boris’s suffering from coronavirus. He indeed caught Covid-19 and was hospitalized for sometime.

We are living in the golden age of conspiracy theories and those who appeared insane predicting some things; most of them are now absolved.

Take a look at the pictures and the captions in the tweets below:

Picture taken from a camera far above the Wembley stadium
Artists dramatize hospital situations in what appears to be busy pandemic circumstances
Darkness: The devil walks the earth. Is this during or after the pandemic?

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