Similarities of United States of America Post 9/11 and Kenya Post Garissa University Attack

Let us start with a glorious QUOTE: –

“The way America changed after 9/11 is the way Kenya will change after Garissa,” William Samoei Ruto, Deputy President of Kenya, 2015

The Similarities
After the 9/11 attacks in the USA, the word on the lips of many people of high office or reputation started with the letter T. The words ‘Terror, terrorists, terrorism’ and the accompaniments of Al Qaeda, Osama Bin Laden, Iraq and Afghanistan was almost like a song sang by the best singers in a global choir conducted by a shadowy character.

But yes, the ‘thing’ went through and US invaded Afghanistan and Iraq and the war dragged on for long without the real cause of it being revealed to the public.

For us in Kenya we just needed a few kidnappings and of we went to Somalia. But as things have turned out now, the agenda is fizzy. There have been reports from the lips of the high and mighty and some sections of the media that the glorious KDF is engaging in charcoal business, a multi-billion shilling enterprise.

Dark Side

Now let us check the dark side of the 9/11 and Garissa University attack comparison by H.E William Ruto, the Deputy President of Kenya.

1. For USA to go to war they had to convince the public that it is necessary to defend the land; we also did.

2. After years of war and rising threats to the nation, (of course) the USA had to pass some laws; we also tried (Kenya Anti-Terrorism Laws 2015). The problem is in its failure, The Garissa University attacked happened or was it orchestrated (just like conspiracy theorists of America believe 9/11 was stage managed) so as to bend the public into supporting the Security Bill? Well, Americans passed the Patriot Act which essentially took away most of the Civil Liberties and trashed their Bill of rights.

3. The Mass Surveillance Programs in both countries. Kenya came up with and implemented one in which Safaricom was awarded the tender (History).

4. Forced military service: one of the rules of the deep state and the corrupt and rich one percent of the world is to sign up people into their systems where they will be held in slavery. USA did this in the mid-20th century but we are just learning to do it or we have been forced to do it i.e. HEADLINE: Government considers NYS training for Youths before joining University. SEE?

5. And because people will always question some of the tactics of government. Yu saw what happened, how the police behaved in one of the most formidable protests in USA in 2015, the #OccupyWallStreet protests and other protests in the USA. There were new military gear for the uniformed forces to be ready for riots akin to Kenya’s (2007 -2008, where the GSU wore new never-seen-before riot gear.

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It is not in this country alone that such programmes and deception is taking place. It is GLOBAL!

Like in US, the Kenyan government has increasingly been intent on gagging voices on social media.

“The way America changed after 9/11 is the way Kenya will change after Garissa… We must secure this country at whatever cost.”