Book Review – Madam First Lady: My Work, Experience and Lessons as Machakos First Lady by Lilian Ng’ang’a

Former Machakos first lady pens a 91-page story about her rise to become Machakos County first lady.

Her divorce from her husband, whom she refers to as ‘partner’ in the book, is also well documented in the media.

However, she claims that the media got it all wrong.

Dr. Alfred Mutua is a former Government spokesperson who rose to become the first Governor of the Great County of Machakos.

He, for all we know, is smooth with words and also very knowledgeable about how the media operates.

Lilian should have used another forum to articulate her issues with Alfred, but she chose a book.

It should’ve been a blog post, but facing the insurmountable and cunning Mutua, she chose to pen a permanent record for the masses, bypassing the sideshows of the media that Mutua, obviously has immense control over.

She even mentions it in her book:

“This is the version of Alfred Mutua that contributed to my ending my relationship with him. A man always eager to please the masses, while behind dosed doors he is a vengeful, cruel man. Case in point is how his follow up statement to my announcing the break up was so lovely, how he did media interviews saying we are still friends and we still talk, which were all lies. He must have banked on the premise that I will let him run the show as he did throughout our relationship, dupe the media and everyone else that we were separating amicably. I had to speak up and tell the truth of what exactly was going on. I had been silent for too long”, Lilian writes

Ultimately she has her side of the story, go buy the book from Nuria Store and spend that one day reading it. It is short and to the point.

“Upon stepping down the role (of first lady), the half-truth and outright lies dominated the headlines. She decided to own her story. She took control of the narrative and did the most outrageous thing  – She wrote her truth” – The book says.