oh death, thou not strong!

Oh death! Come on me

You servant of none

Come and rid me of this emptiness

And take away all my sickness and tears.

Take pride in it as you walk in your arboreous garden.

Thump your chest and shout loud in your victory

Return to my mortal body and mock it

Say-‘wake up and challenge me now’

Laugh at me as I enter your kingdom- the bottom of the earth.

Clap for yourself as they (fellow mortals) cry over me

Son, am teaching you how to behave

Go back and sit on your throne

Then drink yourself and make merry

Shout again that you have conquered death

For my sorrows and sickness

My grief and tears

My agony and tribulations, are part of you

These all are deaths.

Death thou shall kill thyself


21st July, 2006