KENYA: How to win Sh100,000 in scholarship [Limited Time]

ByBit, a cryptocurrency exchange launched a scholarship program that will see a total of 10 University students get scholarships for one academic year. The program which has run from the end of September to 1st November 2021 has already been won by some Kenyan student; others are yet to be revealed. But see attached tweets for the two:


MORE “Are you at university, or do you know anyone who is? Here is an opportunity to win a scholarship from Bybit for an academic year. The scholarship is worth 100,000 KES, and we shall be giving a total of 10 scholarships for the next 5 weeks,” By Bit wrote To qualify for the scholarship:

  • Must be a Kenyan
  • Have an account on ByBit funded with at least $10
  • Go to this link and click the button “I deserve that scholarship”
  • Join the ByBit Africa Telegram community
  • Be a student at university or know someone who is (We shall need proof)

After the 5 weeks, scholarship winners will be

  • Selected randomly and announced on ByBit and BitKE social media channels after verifying that they are students
  • Winners will be required to make a gratitude video
  • Funds will be sent to your USDT address on Bybit within 14 days after the end of the campaign.

How will the scholarship be paid?

  • Funds will be sent to your USDT address at BYBIT

For more on how to enter and win, go to ByBit’s Website.