Book Review: Life is Like That – Power of Life’s Contradictions by Vincent Ogutu

In this book, Vincent Ogutu teaches that, even with a well-laid-out plan, problems will still arise in life, you have to be prepared to improvise to succeed.

Every chapter exposes one to how to overcome challenges.

I love the way he uses his personal experiences or those of his closest friends, to motivate.

Ogutu teaches that one has to trust their instincts, if your gut feeling tells you that you are about to make a mistake or are entering into a problematic contract, relationship etc, trust it.

One also has to build confidence for it is magnetic and makes others believe in you too. Be it in business, personal relationships or while pursuing your dreams, confidence takes one a long way.

While building your future, having a plan, choosing the best associates, and having focus cannot be overstated.

There are problems in life which we must face.

In life not all people will like you, some will hate your guts, and others your approach and others will just not like you without any justification. Their perception may be negative; it is not reason enough to give up – Vincent Ogutu, Business and Life Coach, Life is Like that ; Power of life’s contradictions..

If you fail to achieve your goal, it doesn’t mean it is the end of it. Be brave enough to examine yourself. Ask yourself, what went wrong? how can I change? Because doing the same thing over and over expecting different results is not gonna cut it.

Above all, you have to cultivate a culture of seeking out the best, positive thinking and never stopping, move forward always.

A human being is powerful beyond measure. We need motivation and learning to overcome our myopia and frailties of mental faculties.

The power of choice, patience, associations peace, trust and moving forward is all in your hands. Learn about them in this book.

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