‘My opinion is right, yours is wrong’, the story of censorship in Kenya

Censorship is when a person’s view is deleted, filtered from searches or an account on social media is suspended for having views that are ‘contrary to the community standards’.

This is not how the world should run because there are agreeable innate standards on what constitutes bad behaviour in society.

We agree that paedophilia, pornography, murder and suicide are bad. For the most part, being Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transexual (LGBT) is also considered unnatural. Which is true considering the rule of nature to procreate.

Please don’t give me that bullshit about marriage being hard; where the media and anti-family organisations have demonised that sacred institution by poisoning the heads of women and made men confused as to their role by making mother raise simps instead of boys. The truth is in the hormones.

So, with that said, then why would a social media platform censure other issues such as a different view on politics, common social issues such as disagreeing or calling out a government or a section of society for wrongs i.e. corruption, plunder, scam.

They censure people with a view that does not fit into the globalist; the globe, the whole world should be one, which just means control of the whole human race by a few white males in the western hemisphere.

Other cultures around the world are labelled backward, primitive or uncivilized.

Problem with your thinking, after having been lied by the capitalists, is that you think every of the 7 billion human beings wants the same things.

You think we all want a private jet, a BMW, a bungalow, 70 inch TV.


Have you asked around?

People are happy in their cultures.

Big tech now acts like the town square. People used to go there to engage in free speech. they are private companies, not government entities subject to the First Amendment. But they have a near monopoly on online speech. Facebook asserts it’s not a content provider. But it is behaving like a content provider by censoring content under the guise of “hate speech.” – Stream.org on censorship

Going back to censorship, the Kenyan online space is toxic yet; social media users report those that try to open their eyes to reality.

Blogger Cyprian Nyakundi, for example, has been on the receiving end of this toxic culture that elevates prostitution and malice in the Kenyan social media space. The man calls out things as they are and warns that the Nairobi Corporate Cartels have lied to young people that they have to sleep around, support LGBT, lick the govt’s ass so as to get ahead.

For his awakening opinions, Nyakundi is the most de-platformed blogger in Africa.

They took away his Twitter account (1 million followers), YouTube account, Facebook Account (400k followers). Whenever they found it hard to suspend or delete his accounts, the Big Tech masters of the Universe filter his contents, making his opinions less visible to the public.

The culture of reporting accounts that don’t agree with the common Kenyan discourse of promoting prostitution, looting and such, is now full-blow disease complete with WhatsAPP groups where these imbeciles plan on which accounts to report.

To them, it is ‘my opinion is right, yours is wrong’.