High stakes elections forces Lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi to share fake videos, Ole Itumbi to photoshop crowds

This is a very high-stakes election 2022 for Kenya.

But it is not that both sides can be trusted with the changes they promise.

Only one side, Azimio La Umoja, is sincere in its promise to revamp this country; this can be seen from their mannerism.

The other side, which features former respected lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi and journalist Dennis Ole Itumbi is fighting for a chance to stay alive.

Their shameless sharing of doctored images and videos points to a desperation that is so urgent.

It is urgent that they try all tricks so as not to appear to lose the elections before the votes are cast.

In their doctored images and videos, they still keep hope alive for their few followers. Don’t also forget that they ferry crowds to venues in order to up their numbers.

It would be catastrophic if DP Ruto’s crowds were to be photographed, as is, everywhere he visits.

DP Ruto is not known countrywide and by not known, I mean, no one knows what he stands for.

By being in the election since 1997 (save for 2002), Raila Odinga has an easily recognisable profile.

It is like a horse (Raila) competing with a donkey (Ruto). The end game, in that race, is already clear to see.

But Ruto has put up a good fight; aided by fake videos, and fake images. He has been able to cultivate an image of a man in the game who can manage to snatch over 40 percent of the votes.

The other reason, his online propaganda army is so intent on creating a winning image is that losing (of course they are gonna lose) will be hard and catastrophic to the thieves, bribery merchants and looters in their midst.

Convincing a ‘respected’ lawyer (he is famous and rich but it is alleged that his pupilage is suspect) like Ahmednasir to share doctored videos of people chanting anti-Raila messages in his (Raila’s) meetings is too low.

Any IT-Savvy person knows that, first, an audio can be overlayed over a video, secondly, and more technical, there are subscription services that use AI to create impeccable doctored videos that are hard to distinguish true from fake.

The Senior Counsel shares these blatantly because his life depends on it. He has sided with questionable people who’ve been mentioned in bribery of courts, looting of parastatals, tax evasion and economic crimes. Is he also guilty of this?

He has to make his masters happy and also create an image that UDA is winning (so that they don’t lose before the elections, in the eyes of the people).

He has agreed to do the dirty work because the change that is coming is so massive.

A Raila – Karua govt will wipe out a lot of looting and ghost working.

The Sh6000 promised to the 2 million very poor households will be taken from cleaning up the system.

1. The cash transfer services are full of dead people, able bodies people and scammers. Money will come from here.

2. There are people who have not seen the insides of any academic institutions, they will be found out and weeded. Ghost workers and scammers fall in this category.

3. Massive SH1 trillion is lost through budgeted corruption (what is budgeted corruption? for example the Anne Waiguru buying one Bic pen for Sh10,000), this will be sealed.

4. Some people take huge loans using public agencies, the mines ends up in their pockets. This will stop.

There’s money in Kenya, but the looting was the issue.

Raila and Martha just need to deal with 65 per cent  (stealing is worldwide but Kenyans have been ooting 95-100 percent) of the corruption issues and govt gets back on course.