9 Red flags to look for in women

By Jerr Rrej,

The signs are there but most overlook them. A lot of guys bring chaos into their lives when they should know better. A lot of heartache and suffering can be avoided in romance by heeding the warnings. This thread will discuss what red flags to look out for in females.


She takes pride in sarcasm. This means that she is used to mocking men and her natural need for testing is overactive. How did she become sarcastic? Most likely she was raised with a mother who disrespected her father, and this influenced her behavior.


What is her relationship with her father? Does she respect her father? Is she fatherless? A female learns to respect male authority by respecting her own father. Fatherless women are more promiscuous and will have a hatred for men from abandonment.


What is her relationship with her family? Does she talk to her parents and siblings? A woman who does not associate with her family is a woman who comes from high dysfunction. She forsakes family which makes her less nurturing than she should be. She is unmoored in chaos.


She has no friends. While many guys can be loners, a female who is a loner is a major warning. Females are naturally more social than males and this shows that there is a good reason why others do not like her. She will be cold and ruthless. Mental illness.


She has only male friends. She cannot make friends with women because she is more masculine in nature. These types of women will be cold and promiscuous. She will be tempted to cheat with her male friends during arguments. Avoid.

The Wall Speaks book is about masculine frame, it teaches how to live with one woman. Frame is not about promiscuity.



She is a vegan. Veganism is neurotic first-world behaviourism. It is irrational and privileged. And most times vegan females will care more for animal life than human life which makes them cold and ruthless. Also, it is a warning to other OCD problems.


She shows paranoia about you early in a relationship. A woman who is paranoid about a guy seeing other women in early dates is a sign that she is possessive and emotionally broken. The paranoia will only increase the longer the relationship goes. Avoid.


She communicates less than you. A woman shows interest by communicating. Lots of guys fall into a chasing mode with women who play it coy and who ignore them. They fall into qualification mode from the beginning which only gets worse later.


She likes horror movies/ occult. A woman who likes blood, gore and demons is forsaking her nurturing spirit. She will be most times promiscuous and will be emotionally detached. It is normal for females to dislike violence.

BONUS: She is covered in tattoos and piercings. This is self-harming behaviour that means she does not care for her body. This has been an ancient symbol of tainted blood. She is promiscuous and most likely has STDs.

A lot of guys overlook red flags because they are sexually thirsty for a woman. They know that they are bringing chaos into their lives but would rather orgasm than have peace of mind. Sad. Do not be like them. Always place respect above sex and you will get sexually rewarded.

Jerr Rrej is the author of The Wall Speaks.

The Wall Speaks is an easy to read guide on learning masculine frame.