A thought on God

By Jerr Rrej

A lot of men are going through despair and mental distress. Sometimes a man can feel alone with his circumstance in life. Could be illness, heartbreak, loneliness or financial worries.

There has been times in my life where I wished for nonexistence. Life can feel too challenging to live through. Being alive means we must experience suffering.

Our lives do not always go as planned. And for a lot of us our lives were formed in chaotic environments.

We lose parents. We lose friends. We lose opportunities as the years drag on. Our youth fades and we become feeble. This is our reality as a human species.

As a teen, I was ultra isolated without any friends. Closed up to my own dark isolation. Feeling not only alone but without hope. A feeling that my life would not change.

But I had God. I spoke to God on many occasions. He became my Father who cared when I had no one. He saved me. Without doubt. But He must hear our cries for help.

A man who is at his end should get down on his knees and believe. There is a God. He wants to help. Let Him share your load. He will carry it. He loves you.

There has been times, real dark times where I had to be saved. And I tell you with all my heart I was saved. Truly. God has saved me on multiple occasion. He altered my state of consciousness.

He reformed my perception. He shifted my mind to belief. Like a father who passes belief in reality my Father passed it to me. He is real. He can help you during the darkest nights. Pray.

The key is to believe in God with all your might. True faith, Real focus. My God is the God of The Bible. A book that has been carried down through severe persecution. God’s word. Ancient thoughts that connect us. Humility in wisdom. Shockingly powerful.

But God expects us to behave without dehumanizing animal behaviors. He teaches us self love through discipline. The world is spinning in madness because people are indulging and giving up self belief. Giving up God and the challenge that comes with that Father who judges.

God taught us to strive above. This is what the concept of sin means. To miss the mark. Ultimate human competition that has been dying for a long time. Civilization is falling because humans no longer have a mark that controls there behaviors. Only politic and greed.

When we control our behaviors we build self belief. There would be no western civilization without biblical structure. That solidified a stable family arrangement which is virtually dead in the end.