Why women fear incels

By Jerr Rrej,

In our fatherless times where traditional monogamy is fading away, we see a rise in sexless men who do not have access to females. These men are called “incels” by feminists as a slur against their plight. Females have not only little pity for incels but also fear them.

Let us break down the lack of empathy and the fear women have towards these sexless men. The lack of empathy comes from a female expecting to be passive in sexual selection and expecting the male to arouse her interest through approach.

This passivity in sexual selection for females allows them to merely present themselves while waiting for male suitors to engage and intrigue them into sexual selection. Women have little sympathy for sexless men just as the hunted has no sympathy for the failure of the hunter.

Since the onus of responsibility is on the male to win over the female in sexual selection, this means that the female expects the male to overcome the challenges of sex while the female merely needs to simply be or exist in that selection. Being versus becoming.

This explains the lack of empathy females have towards sexless males but why would they fear them? Women by nature only want to propagate with the rarest among men. They want to fuck the leaders and join in the spotlight of attention with rare men to make other females jealous.

Women are more than willing to share these rare men. And females understand that these rare men/ leaders of men are oversexed. Females are low risk creatures that rely on social proof for risk taking. A man with women is a safe bet because other women prove that.

The Wall Speaks book is about masculine frame, it teaches how to live with one woman. Frame is not about promiscuity.


This all must be understood to understand why women fear sexless men or “incels” — It is negative social proof that makes a man even more unattractive than the so-called average man. It is symbolized by a starving hunter who has failed in his role.

The fear women have for incels is to be near desperate men who are low value (negative social proof) who cannot control their unwelcome sexual thirst (male gaze) which triggers a woman’s innate reproductive fear. To bear a child of an incel is death to a woman.

This incel fear that women have is tied to rape fear and reproductive fear. The more men fail in sexual selection, the more negative social proof they accumulate which further increases their challenge in that selection. A negative loop of sexual failure.

Women do not want to pair up with and propagate with the record number of virgin males in civilization. The solutions they write about on feminist blogs is these incels satisfying their needs in most undignified ways of prostitution and homosexuality (prison mentality)

A woman will come up with every solution to help sexless men that does not involve breeding with them. And this is a major reason why feminists will write about the problem of “incel mass shooters” while failing to supply a fix to the issue.

Women know that if a man cannot satisfy his sexual impulses that it only leaves his violent impulses to satisfy. It goes beyond reproductive fear and a fear of death itself. This is why men like me are working hard to help ALL MEN TO HAVE DIGNITY.

When a man learns masculine frame and game; he can overcome his negative social proof. I’m a loner by my nature who must learn to overcome that challenge. This is why I have hope for men who read my books to solve their sexual selection challenges. Stay proud and keep learning.

Jerr Rrej is the author of The Wall Speaks.

The Wall Speaks is an easy to read guide on learning masculine frame.