To be a man is to bear the responsibility of all things

By Jerr Rrej,

The core of my philosophy of masculine frame is based on the principle of “To be a man is to bear the responsibility of all things” — This core tenet is highly controversial among men. This thread will go into detail on what this tenet means and why it threatens men.

The philosophy of masculine frame came to me after my own life and marriage fell apart. But the reason it came to me is that I learned a key to unlock this consciousness from youth. My father abandoned me, and this made me realize that I was truly alone to care for myself.

From childhood, I knew that if my life was going to change, it would be me that changed it. To believe in self requires us to create our own optimism. We must cut through the doubt of others. And this means we must never give up on the self.

Fast forward to the failure of my marriage. When I was emasculated, I knew that by taking full responsibility for how my life failed, I would be able to create a life worth living in for the future. Everything is a learning lesson and responsibility is the heart of ownership.

And when I realized the philosophy of masculine frame as described in The Wall Speaks, I became aware that a female is designed for obedience and submission to a man. And that weak men create cruel women. They are designed as a reaction to us as men.

This is why a man who practices frame will notice an immediate effect on his own woman and women in general. This is the truth of reality. That men have power at their fingertips but most times they themselves abandon it and give it to women. Why? Keep reading.

There are two reasons why feminism grows, men become disempowered and why this world is falling apart. Men who choose sex over their own self-respect and family. These men teach women by example that they cannot control their animal impulse. This brings chaos into their lives.

A man is meant to lead a woman in sexual selection. But what does it mean when a man makes it his main focus to plant his seed in random females and to move on to the next orgasm? He becomes like an animal in heat who is enslaved by his primitive impulse.

And then he mocks slutty females after creating them? Make sense? And then he teaches men to both create slutty females while teaching them to “pump and dump” — That to look for good girls for a relationship.

The Wall Speaks book is about masculine frame, it teaches how to live with one woman. Frame is not about promiscuity.


This type of man believes that women should protect their own sexuality. But from whom? He expects females to protect themselves from him. He is placing responsibility on the female so that he can orgasm like a mindless animal until grave. Sad.

But this man does not just have personal failure but encourages other men into this same behaviorism. This is what takes his irresponsibility to another level. He sells chaos in order to justify how he creates it. This man wants to live in a world where sex is meaningless.

The other reason why “To be a man is to bear the responsibility of all things” offends a man is when he has learned to rely on the authority of his own woman and other women. This man relies on women for his own emotional wellbeing.

Men who rely on females emotionally will not like to view a female’s submission to frame as “Cold human nature” — They refuse to let go of female authority because they rely on it for their own emotional comfort.

In the end both types of men will BLAME women for failed relationships and most problems in the world. When we blame others, we give them authority over ourselves. When we take full responsibility our failures, we become truly empowered in realizing total accountability.

Blame and complain are what slaves do. This is the core of what “To be a man is to bear the responsibility of all things” means. To blame women is to surrender authority. To complain about women is to surrender authority. THE POWER IS IN A MAN’S OWN HANDS FOR AUTHORITY.

This does not mean a man is perfect or needs to be perfect. I have many imperfections. What it means is to take responsibility for our failures. Once we recognize how we fell short, we can pick ourselves in a new way. It is about superior adaptation to reality.

What kind of life do you want to live? YOU CAN LIVE IT. What kind of world do you want to live in? YOU CAN LIVE IN IT. We can be and become whatever we want. And the beautiful thing about female nature is a woman will follow along in that change.

Jerr Rrej is the author of The Wall Speaks.

The Wall Speaks is an easy to read guide on learning masculine frame.