Masculinity: How to get all the sex you crave

By Jerr Rrej,

A woman can easily control a man. Our times are full of men who readily give their authority away to women. These men would rather believe in female authority because they loathe their own sex. Why do men surrender authority to females and is it wise? This thread will discuss

The majority of men are sex starved which makes them act and think desperately. This sexual thirst puts them into a slave mindset as they happily beg for sexual scraps from females. We see other men doing this and lose respect for them. But women also lose respect for these men.

In a relationship with a woman, a man will have to make an important decision. Each one of us have to make this decision with women. What is it? Respect or sex. Most men choose sex over respect? They let their weak impulse lower them into a subjugated role.

When we see a morbidly obese person gabbling down sugary snacks, do we respect them or think less of them? We lose respect. Why? Because they are placing indulgence over self-respect. This is the same for men who put up with disrespect from women only to engage in sex with them.

What these men fail to understand is that women get sexually aroused by dignified men. It is the men who choose respect over sex that get the most sex. Having sex with a woman who disrespects is undignified. This type of man rewards the female with sex, instead of holding it back

This sexual thirst makes men not only weak to female persuasion and female authority but makes other men lose respect for the weakness in our sexual behaviors. This is why we see a rise of simps in our times. These men are sexually desperate and act like beggars with females.

Simps do not trust their own authority which only creates further sexual poverty. They humiliate themselves in total loss of dignity for a scrap of sex thrown by their female masters. This is why many relationships fall apart. Weak men who sacrifice respect for sex.

What should a man do when he is not being respected by his woman? He should withhold sex from her. No sex until respect. This advice will save many relationships. But expand this out to the world in general. WOMEN RESPECT MEN WHO SHOW LITTLE SEXUAL DESPERATION.

It is the man who shows a spirit of abundance who receives the greatest reward. Men who crave respect more than sex will get most sex. This is the key to the pussy kingdom. But this takes time to condition the self to crave respect more than sex.

The core of masculine frame is to seek respect over affection. But to expand that out, it means to place self-respect over any weak-willed indulgence. Respect is everything. The man who is most respected is the man who gets the most out of his life. He focuses on that power.

We have a world full of men who respect female authority above their own authority. How pathetic. These men reek of weakness and sexual thirst. Our species is designed for male authority and female submission. Once a man understands this is when he no longer surrenders.

Seek respect. It is the most important thing in the world. Do not act undignified by acting sexually desperate. THAT DOES NOT WORK. Be proud and most importantly, be framed. Put respect first and you will get what you most desire.

Jerr Rrej is the author of The Wall Speaks.

The Wall Speaks is an easy to read guide on learning masculine frame.