Embracing nothingness is the forte of poetic minds – Brief take on Juliani’s message

Three weeks ago, Juliani real names, Julius Owino, the Music and poetry maestro shared how he wished to die and not be remembered.

“Mid 2021 when I first met my wife. I shared with her my goal of dying with nothing. Nothing to my name, no possession, if possible to disappear on the horizon as if I was never here”, Juliani wrote.

And true to it, embracing nothingness is the forte of gifted artists and poetic minds.

It is the deep thoughts that usually attack the artist, that transport them to think (read overthink) about every scenario, and everything.

It is the world of the introverted soul, that quickly knows how empty existence is.

This can be achieved through the easy nature to overthink and analyse all belief systems and see gaps in them.

It takes a similar soul to notice another.

Juliani and his wife Lilian Ng’ang’a

Here is the rest of Juliani’s message.

Juliani KENYA on LinkedIn.

Mid 2021 when I first met my wife.

I shared with her my goal of Dying with Nothing. Nothing to my name, no possession, if possible to dissappear in the horizon as if I was never here. like it was 38yrs ago.

2015 I found myself on a plateau having achieved most of my dreams from a raper in Dandora to a renowned artist; twice Closing off a street in the CBD for an album launch. 1st artists to win prize money in an award. 4 albums, multiple numbers ones worked with organisations across the board. travelled the world etc. Felt i was made for more.
I had my daughter then at the same time founded Dandora HipHop City.

2017 was monumental, felt i was on a transition both as a person and as an artist. made my 10 yr plan.we half way in; Started, built, failed, tried, succeeded, failed again, succeeded.

Redefined meanings in everything i do. not based on overall interpretation of my surroundings and the world.

2022 The experiment is done. this image is a map of data collected over the years on my journey of finding my place and voice in the world.

Between 2017-19 was journey of self discovery. Found tools to dig deep in who I am. Until then I was on survival mode. using pain, poverty and all the things accepted as me to drive my passion(focil fuel), to now Freedom and full expression leading me (Circularity).

“In our lifetime, We start living when we stop surviving and begin exercising our freedom.”

Until now, the Experiment has cost me dearly as written in one of my songs “Sifuati population, angalia footprints iko the other direction..” at the same time given me a magical Experience.

lets make a toast 🥂, The journey to NOTHINGNESS.

Juliani’s achievements