Book Review: Sacked? So What! – Power of Hope and Action by Vincent Ogutu

This is the second book by the same author that I am reviewing.

The book, Sacked? So What! – Power of Hope and Action is mainly about how to overcome job loss.

Nothing prepares one for loss of income.

Ogutu writes in easy-to-read English and short phrases that are very catchy and easy to remember.

The Author’s gifted mind can be seen in the weaving of words that inject someone with the, ‘YES I CAN’ attitude.

In this book real people, across Kenya and Africa share their stories of how they overcame adversity and triumphed.

There’s a chapter about a person coming from nothing, how they built their careers and business, and there’s also the picking up after getting fired from a high-flying job.

Book Review – Who are the Top Billionaires in Africa? How You Can Use the problems in Africa as Your Greatest Opportunity by Vincent Ogutu

The lessons that the book gives can be summarized as, pick yourself up fast, have a goal, focus on that goal, pick up and respect referrals, plan to pay debts, invest in quality friends and employees, and network consistently.

I challenge you to buy the book from Nuria Store and read the story of Calisto Omondi.

Don’t be poor,

P – passing

O – over

O – opportunities

R – repeatedly

Focus on the present and where you want to go. Never dwell on your past failure. Success comes from common things done extraordinarily.

The book heavily leans on entrepreneurship as a way to success. Is this its target audience?

This explains much about the author who is a business and personal development coach.

The problem majorly is lack of innovation and not money. How else do you explain a hawker starting a business with 3000 and ending up a millionaire? An apprentice starting with no money buys out the boss. Focus on the problem you want to solve and the skills that are required. – Vincent Ogutu

If you are feeling lost, empty and insufficient, this book is for you.

Strategies on rebuilding the self; planning, preparing, and executing those plans, litter the pages of the book, especially, the summary of lessons shared at the end of each chapter.

Have a motivating day!