Book Review – Who are the Top Billionaires in Africa? How You Can Use the problems in Africa as Your Greatest Opportunity by Vincent Ogutu

Vincent Ogutu is a renowned motivational speaker.

In this book, he briefly tells the reader why some ten African billionaires ticked.

He doesn’t just narrate their stories but shares relatable and practical advice that makes one scream, ‘YES I CAN TOO’.

Let me confess, I don’t get to read a lot of motivational books, because am biased and strongly political.

But the opening of the book reminded me of one fact, life is a learning process and never have a fixed mindset.

“Many people are known to experience fear while making progressive decisions. The fear comes from facing an uncertain future. What many don’t know is that wealthy entrepreneurs have all along known that fortune is hidden in uncertainty”, he begins.

You know he could’ve just said, ‘Take risks’. But motivational speakers have a way with words that speaks to ones inner being and uplifts ones spirit.

Under the power of action, we get a brief on what makes Mohammed Ibrahim tick.

Under the power of experience, the life of Aliko Dangote is shared.

The power of tenacity and integrity captures the story of Patrice Motsepe and how that makes one successful.

In the fourth chapter, covering the power of vision, Jean Claude Bastos de Morais’s rise to wealth motivates one to focus and never give up.

There’s also the power of growing entrepreneurial potential (Stephen Saad), the power of collaboration (Jim Ovia), the power of persistence (Folorunsho Alakija), the power of trading in wealth creation in Cletus Mmadubungwa Ibeto’s life; the power of continuity and innovation (Mohammed Devji) and the power of multiplication and growing others (Tony Elumelu).

Power of Action removes PROCRASTINATION

Power of Experience makes one WISER

Power of Tenacity and Integrity creates life- long VALUE – Vincent Ogutu

A motivational speech is always a reminder of what one can truly achieve. It unlocks us from the shackles of doubt and laziness.

Mr Ogutu arouses the reader’s interest in the fact that opportunities are everywhere; just look at the challenges to be solved. Replace fear with faith and action. Stop complaining. Start doing.

In this book, because of its great potential, vast land and huge population; Africa is the place to be.

This is not the only book he has penned, he has three other titles which I’ll review here.

I got mine signed by Vincent Ogutu, who is also a Business Coach, a trainer on entrepreneurship, personal development and wealth creation.

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