A life is silhouettes

I walk through the rough path
I’ve been promised solace in the new city

They say it is nearby, yet I’ve walked for years
Oftentimes, I stumble upon pale images of the promise

I know this because I carry a treasure hunt map

I’m my sleep, I dream of faces,
Carefully tucked in my bossom, sabotaging me
I feel my life is veiled
With the blanket of mischief,
undercutting and forever lurking above my head

Like death, when it comes suddenly to a antelope
The cats claw on its shoulders, teeth deep inside it jagular
I’m slowly losing the verve

My human strength and knowledge fully committed
Yet the results are like a flies work on the asshole of an elephant

I careless, trudge own to the promised land
Not giving up
More incessant and aware
I step carefully, not to detonate the IEDs placed on my path.

I walk on.