Prince of Persia

In the book of Daniel, there’s a mention of an angel explaining why he was late to deliver a message to the prophet.

He accuses a ‘Prince of Persia’ for holding him back for 120 days, from reaching Daniel.

He also tells prophet Daniel that it was Michael, the arch angle that helped him defeat the Prince of Persia.

The fight against the evil and dark forces in our lives is so as to emerge victorious in whatever we do.

People seek victory in different things.

But it is curious how in Daniel 10:13, we see an angle of God complaining about the power of Satan.

On earth, we do not fight against flesh, but against principalities and powers in high and low places.

This is all we should seek to understand.

The mechanism of wait, perseverance and prayer without ceasing.

Everyone has their Prince of Persia moment and it is only through unceasing prayer that one can succeed.

Have your blessings been held back?

Have you complained and at the point of giving up?

Perhaps you need to change and remember 10 years like a few milliseconds to God.

The Prince of Persia is ultimately be defeated.