Why masculine men do not gossip, smear and snitch

By Jerr Rrej

A lot of young men will notice that the “Manosphere” and men’s help space will spend a lot of their time in defrauding other men.

These men will create YouTube videos on how their gossip, smear campaigns and snitching are in the best service of men. But is that true?

If a man looks closely at the men who spend most their time talking about other men, he will notice that it is deconstructors throwing mud at constructors. Destroyers to creators. Usually it is men who build content on tearing down men who create content to build up.

Who was famous destroyer who wanted to defame a creator? It was Satan the father of the lie to God Himself. He was jealous of God’s excellence and jealous of his creative abilities. Satan used propogandist lies to inspire doubt in Eve over her own creator who blessed her in Eden.

The Wall Speaks book is about masculine frame, it teaches how to live with one woman. Frame is not about promiscuity.


The throwers of mud are insecure and are jealous of the objects of their anger.

For example, on YouTube, there will be men spending all their time trying to defame other men who create books to help men.

One tears down while the other builds up.

But what men must understand is that these men only have interest in tearing down because they have a personal investment in the issue. They want to be reassured of their rage by sharing this negative emotion with others. They are relieved of the acid in their heart by sharing it.

What a man must realize is that writing a book to help men is much more challenging than creating smear campaigns to poison the minds of men. “Ten reasons why a writer is a fraud” — Moronic. A writer is proven by his writing and how it effects men.

It is the works we judge.

But let us dig deeper.

Gossip, smears and snitching is a way the weak try to lower the strong to their level. They want to pull the creators down to the mud of destructions. They want to replace love with hate. Thy only have negative emotion to share. (This is) Demonic and Satanic.

And this behavior makes them look more insecure. A major reason that men who complain about other men cuck themselves. Women see the insecurities in men who bash other men and become aroused by the object of hatred. They know innately that men only speak out when threatened.

This manosphere bullshit on “Trying to help men” by slandering and creating smear campaigns is not only petty but PERSONAL. This is what a man should understand, the mudslingers are slinging mud because either a friendship soured, or a business deal soured.

All gossipers and slanderers always protect their bad behavior by gaslighting those they are spreading hate to. No gossiper thinks they are evil. They think they are protecting others by defaming their object of hatred. Like women they sell indignation to fellow drama queens.

These haters need to look in the mirror and realize we are all hypocrites to a degree. They need to realize they are scaring away future friends/business contacts by gossiping about past contacts. “What goes around comes around” If they gossip to you, they will gossip about you.

Reputation is everything and a man who builds a reputation as a gossiper will lose valuable support and valuable information from people who fear it getting leaked. He will sour people to his cause and frighten them off. He is showcasing fear and fear is contagious.

Final note: Trump has inspired a lot of young men in good and bad ways. Trump is a master of creating indignation and getting gossip magazines to talk about him. But he is also charismatic and funny. An uncharismatic man who attempts imitation of Trump is only going to look bad.

Let’s cleanse the “manosphere” space of these spreaders of gossip. Weak men spreading hate.

Jerr Rrej is the author of The Wall Speaks.

The Wall Speaks is an easy to read guide on learning masculine frame.