Brief analysis of Shinzo Abe Assassination: Something about the underworld or deep state

If the deep state wants you dead, they will get you.

In the business of governing humans, there are grey areas in who the government is.

Those who have passed through the lecture halls of political science have a good definition; ‘the state has a monopoly on violence’.

I watched a film called Lansky.

The film, released in 2021, captures the life of one American gangster Meyer Lansky.

It begins with a TV interview where Lansky is asked:

“Mr Lansky, is there such a thing as organized crime?”, the journalist asks

He hesitates for a second or two then replies.

“I have no knowledge of the subject”.

Within the film, Lansky whose humble beginnings to when he becomes a true power broker in US mobster circles, is captured.

He at one time reveals, “we were the underworld, we were the overworld’.

This was in reference to how powerful and controlling all affairs of society the mobsters become.

It got me thinking about how private citizens with questionable wealth become too powerful to be controlled by their govt.

These people then hold the instruments of society’s control in their hands and can decide who can lead where.

They influence local, national and even regional politics.

Former Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, a staunch anti-globalist, and Trump were friends. Shinzo Abe was assassinated on 8th July 2022, during a political rally in the Western City of Nara, Japan.

One thing to note is that politicians have increasingly become PR masters.

Most are good orators who come from humble backgrounds and since elections don’t come cheap, they have to be funded.

Where do you think the funds come from?

From private citizens, often business people. You got it right.

Govt seeks help of mobsters: often due to restrictive laws that tie the govts hands

When a politician gets into office, they will take instructions from their funders and that’s the simple explanation of the deep state.

It is these same conglomerates of business people and special interests who take out politicians through assassinations etc, when they go against their agenda.

US President John F. Kennedy paid the price when, through an executive order, tried to remove the control of money from the private central bank known as the Federal Reserve.

Lansky’s story is greatly intertwined with the rise and fall of US president Richard Nixon.

In the end, govt want power and control.

Laws are sometimes not enough to effect this.

Mobsters, gangs and violent people often do better at control. And this is where they come together to govern.

Expaining deep state

The govt uses gangsters and mobsters for control most time, there’s no difference between them.

A little failure in the system or disrespect and someone who doesn’t tow the line pays with their life.

This happens on either side of the divide.

The current world mobster inclination is globalization and one world governmentism.

Any leader that rejects this, pays.

Rest in peace Shinzo Abe.


All rights reserved for the Lansky movie.

Former Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, a staunch anti-globalist, and Trump were friends. Shinzo Abe was assassinated today during a political rally in the Western City of Nara today


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