How to lose weight when you are lazy

The author discovered that Amerix teachings works, through he didn’t follow all very well, he managed to lose weight. Read on…

By Lagaless

In March 2020, Coronavirus disease smote the earth and people were supposed to stay indoors with little activity

So I decided that if I was not going to be active, I better change my diet.

Boychild champion Eric Amunga, better known as Amerix had been preaching about men’s health and I was a keen listener, so I decided to put his teaching to the test.

In that hot March 2020, I decided to start small by stopping sugar intake in chai.

I started by putting half a spoon in my milk chocolate, i don’t take tea.

The other things I did were:

  • I reduced the chunk of Ugali I ate
  • I immediately stopped taking bread and would frown at Chapati.
  • Fasting was hard, so I re-learnt that proteins don’t make one fat and since I had money, I indulged in eggs and boiled meat for months.
  • With time, fasting stopped being hard. I would forget about breakfast as the year 2021 came to be.
  • At the start, sugar was hard to leave, but what I did was start drinking boiled milk and water, but by February 2021, I so no point of eating breakfast.
  • I would take only eggs, (about 5 eggs a day).
  • I would also skip lunch because I was now a champion.

By supper, and so as to make other people in the house happy that I am eating their food. I used to cut a little chunk of Ugali, put a lot of greens and meat on my plate and eat.

I started off as a 89 Kilogramme snoring man.

By the end of 2021, I was at 80Kg.

According to BMI sciences, my weight should be at 78Kg.

Lessons learnt and healing witnessed

Amerix, continue misleading men.

I feel much fresher, my mind is sharp

My knees don’t feel tired when I do physical activities

I am glad I stopped snoring.

My growing tummy is now gone.

I am glad to also learn that human beings eat a lot, which is unnecessary.

I called this a lazy way to lose weight because, I never went to the gym, I was slow to quit some foods, it is hard to get non-seed oils for a big family, so i still ate seed oils. I took too long to losoe 10 Kgs

We need a small portion of food to stay alive for longer.

I’ve become a fasting champion.

Thank you Amerix.