‘If you are the son of God, save yourself’ – Brief explanation of African Indigenous Churches

It is today that I was asked one of the hard questions about religion.

The inquirer asked why some people who are full of the spirit of prophesy and divinity of the past and the future lived in squalid conditions. She was referring to the African ones.

I answered quickly saying that the downtrodden is where the feeling of life’s hardship is pronounced and that such churches (in African settings that fly flags) set bases near these people because they are poor and know their sufferings.

I added that moneyed people are not to be found here because their money answers everything and furthermore if a moneyed person is afflicted. It is easy for them to visit witch doctors because they have money to pay for the services.

After answering this way, I was disturbed a little bit.

I wanted to answer a little better.

In my spirit, I felt that silence would’ve been the best answer. Or rather, I should’ve told the inquirer, that, they’ll not become what they don’t want to be.

By thinking that, ‘they’ll not become what they don’t want to be’, I meant, she was afraid of the pull of poverty making her love this lifestyle. I felt it. I know.

The feeling that I had answered rather fast without thinking much; led me to dig deep into my philosophical mind and got more.

The philosophical answer.

The message that came back was that in the things that save a man who is stuck due to sin, the ways in which that man is saved, are not always the most fashionable.

We have painted Christ Jesus as someone who was good-looking, clean-shaven and visited the most paved streets flowing with fruits, merchants and gold.

But the true Christ, if one looks into history, is just a sorry sight to behold. A man without a house, living in people’s houses, walking long distances to preach a message that was shunned. That was surely not a person who lived a rich man’s life, his feet must have been covered much with dirt.

He washed himself in a lake, and probably had no change of clothes for days. Not to mention that his beard and hair, considering his work, were mostly unkempt and long.

It is in these and such places that help comes from.

I am a bit of an authority in matters spiritual and I can tell you, the secret societies are so because of the knowledge of life that if released to the whole world would be abused. Abused means, that some people would find it strange, others would despise the truth.

Truth is the reality underlying all existence and peolle have found peace and healing in strange things.

Roho churches heal. But this is not up to debate, because some of you have seen the strange dancing, chanting and mannerism during worship and have spoken negatively about those things.

There are many levels. See why secret societies thrive in secrecy?


The good book says, do not throw pearls to pigs. The master also says, of some people he healed, ‘go and tell no one’.

The reason for the secrecy is due to the fact that the overruling thought and culture of the day (mainstream and popular culture) would always be full of hype, half-truths and outright lies.

Man is a spiritual being of light, who has been led astray by numerous heretic teachings.

We can only find a way back to the truth which often seems ugly, and in this case, is found in people who care less about the mainstream and popular. In fact, the popular lead astray.

This is why people are stricken with Roho often find company and thrive in places where many people live in squalid conditions.

But then again, my companion’s question came from a place of privilege where she looked at these people and uttered one crazy mistake of people without such power often thinking that they should use the power to gain riches, she must have asked herself, ‘You speak directly with God, why are you poor?’

It is akin to those words from the Roman soldiers at the cross. , ‘if you are the son of God save yourself’