With high stakes elections, we need tough people like Junet Mohamed

With the high-stakes 2022 elections, we need tough people like Junet Mohamed

Today, Junet Mohamed, the great legislator of Suna East played an audio alleging that Deputy President William Ruto wanted to slap Uhuru Kenyatta in 2017.

DP Ruto had been called to a meeting and told that Uhuru wanted to replace him with Kalonzo Musyoka.

An irate Ruto nearly responded with a slap.

In this high-stakes election, Azimio and Kenya need one like Junet Mohamed. A man who is ready to dig in for a fight, a tough man who is ready to take leadership. Because leadership is taken, not given.

Junet understands the assignment well.

Ruto, a man who knows how to play dirty and get power, by all means, has a double match.

He (Ruto) has already lost.

With Martha Karua and Junet in Raila’s ranks, Ruto can’t play his dirty tricks without meeting his march.

We’ve often been told that Raila is soft and understanding when it comes to wrangling. But power doesn’t want such at this time.

We are at a very dangerous crossroads.

We have to decide between a president who has a track record of doing what he promises, that is Raila Odinga; and one who is known conman, a Mr Six months with his promises, that is William Ruto.

Ruto’s corruption is evident, from court cases to siring kids outside wedlock and being a deadbeat dad to lying with a straight face.

On the other hand, Raila is respectful, we have bypasses and Mau forest because he is not king of double speak. He paid the price with his good stand for Kenyans.

We have a man who has, through the handshake, initiated a new course for Kenya. Where is that tribal card in this election? so much for the Kikuyus and Luos not seeing eye to eye?

Thank you, Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga for the handshake.

Raila is the one to change this country for the better.