Jerr Rrej shines a bright light of urgency to male human beings

Jerr Rrej, he shines a light.

A light that beams from America to the world,

A mysterious light that came suddenly from nowhere to light the paths of men in a dark world.

His light, he’s held it tightly in his firm hands

His steady voice calls out above the confusion

He summons neglected and fatherless men to his congregation,

His teachings, are mysterious, fresh, new and liberating.

The Wall Speaks – A great book for masculine reawakening by Jerr Rrej

At certain times in our lives, we come across life-changing thoughts.

Sometimes we think it is our own doing, but for those who are spiritual and take seriously the business of life. You’ll find that it is often outside influence, albeit small, that sets the motion of thoughts for change rolling.

It might be a word or a phrase of even a song that sometimes we are even oblivious to.

You know, it is not easy to resist music.

Music is one of those things that affects us whether we like it or not, as long as we listen to it.

This is what Jerr Rrej’s words did to me.

I knew I had found a gem, a different writer.  A fresh one.

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BOOK REVIEW: The Wall Speaks by Jerr Rrej