You used to be rich, what happened?

Having money is being rich, whereas having assets that can give you money easily for a long time is being wealthy.

Many times, those that have been lucky to be born into wealth or just stumbled into wealth, through sheer aligning of their stars tend to not think that those that don’t have don’t try hard enough.

There’s a catch in such a mentality.

There are those that would easily be bailed out by their relatives or parents; because there’s generational wealth.

However, for some, it is a roller-coaster of ups and deadly downs.

The downs are full of both worthy and worthless lessons.

Worthy lessons are those such as patience, perseverance and the awakening that one is still human and can lack.

The lessons I consider worthless are those that require one to learn the skills or how to conduct oneself while lacking.

What does this help one with for christ sake?

At one point, you can afford anything, you don’t even have to think twice about buying anything. Because you have money in savings, a few assets, your side business is doing perfect and you have a monthly salary.

You are just rich, and your life can easily mirror your wealth.

You can afford much, even faking things to look wealthy.

Then, through misaligned stars, you find yourself losing.

Your job ends, your business starts making losses and soon you close it down to protect the few coins you’ve made and saved for it.

Then months pass, you can still have friends who support you, and you start learning and doing odd jobs and paying back small loans.

Then one hell of a month comes along, you haven’t paid rent, and your side hustle (a new one, since you close your side business) fails to pay on time. The people you supplied for months, can only afford to pay you part of the money, and this goes for over 6 months.

You put up with them since you know they’ll pay, but this bad month, they’ve delayed and they don’t have any good excuse.

‘Things are bad’, that’s what they say.

You walk to the shop to buy small stuff because you can’t afford to shop at the supermarkets in bulk.

You, the one who didn’t know small debts now owe the shopkeeper some Kes327 that you’ve not been in a capacity to pay for a week now.

Why would lessons in lack be mostly about money, why can’t it be that once you’ve made it, monetarily, you don’t come down ever again?

There are other things such as being declined by a lady that can teach us about lack.


You’ll tell someone to reduce their expenses, move to a smaller house, sell their car, until it is your turn in the red and you have to do those things.

Bitter medicine in the mouth, huh!

What I learned in my daydreaming journeys is that some of those things are easy to do, but not all. For example, one would be comfortable losing their TV and not the house, losing the house, but not the car etc.

And I agree, it is painful when those advising are focusing on what one doesn’t want to lose.

There’s a concept in the bible known as ‘a bird being caught in an evil time’. The bible actually uses the word, ‘suddenly’. Meaning evil doesn’t announce its coming.

It just pounces.

A series of misfortunes, mischief in life and bang. One is supposed to relearn.

Life is a joke.

Have a persevering life!