Anime is bad for masculine frame

By Jerr Rrej

Anime became popular in mainstream in the USA when I was a boy in the 90s. I remember when kids started watching more if it at the time period. As it was growing in popularity, I was growing too old for cartoons. The style was eye catching and had intensity to it.

At that time, I felt there was something insidious about Anime but could not put my finger on it. Now that I am an adult and writer on psychology, I can see the dark current that flows behind the surface of anime. And this thread will go into why it is bad for frame.

Anime grew in popularity in post war Japan. After the humiliating defeat of the Japanese army in WW2, the men of the country became subjugated to the USA who mind fucked them with atom bomb. Shock and awe. A scare tactic that terrorized their minds. Japanese men surrendered.

The Japanese people are a proud nation and WW2 left them in a defeatist mind. This dejection of military prowess turned inward as they returned to their previous introverted ways. The young turned to fantasy to escape the brutality of reality like ostriches with head in sand

What does it mean to not only lose a war but to be in subjection to a conqueror? It is a form of cuckoldry as the warriors fail to protect women in their duty (Not as bad as France in WW2) The genders in the nation have conflict as the women see the men fail in protector role.

After WW2, Japan accelerated this feminization in a retreat to fantasy. Not a fantasy of abundance from victory like USA but a retreat into cartoon to forget the truth of existence. The previous macho gen had failed, and the new Japanese man romanticized his new enlightenment

And what was this new enlightenment? It was a transcendence of the old man’s machismo. The failure of the macho warrior gave birth to the non-sexual nerd who does not need to try. An opt out of sexual competition that led to the modern “Herbivore men” movement (Virgins)

The Wall Speaks book is about masculine frame, it teaches how to live with one woman. Frame is not about promiscuity.


But where is the darkness in the anime before us? If a man looks closely, he will notice a twisted sexuality within the cartoons. Dirty old men and young girls. A sexualization of children is hidden inside anime and manga.

Japan only just recently outlawed child pornography. The inward culture is deep rooted in sexual neuroticism. Whether it is child porn, panty vending machines or squid perversions. This weird sexuality bleeds through into anime. Dirty old men and prepubescent girls.

But let us break down the behaviorism being displayed in anime. Usually there is vocal moaning and grunting from all characters. The men are usually angst ridden and anxious. The eyes are WIDE in over expression and characters will over express themselves in dramatic scenes.

Sometimes this over expression of males will be a whiny moan with dramatic sweat pouring off the face as they scream out. Anime cliche. Michael Jackson was a fan of anime and would incorporate these moans into his style. Even his face was sculpted to anime monstrosity.

The core thing a man will notice in anime is the level of angst and anxiety the characters have. They are sad, anxious and then OVER EXPRESSIVE in angry outbursts. This is a common behavior pattern that can be seen in many anime cartoons.

There is also a quickness of expression and animation in anime that puts a viewer in flight mode along with the anxious characters. The anime obsession within Japan and in the western world is a reflection of the deep infantilization of modern men.

Our feminized generation of men retreat from reality into cartoon paradise. A surrender of responsibility like in a childhood. As a man gets older, he will find it gets harder for to fall into fantasy with cartoon and video game.

He will fear not reality but turning his back on reality. He will begin to give up cartoon obsession for singular real-world ambition. And generations of men are waking up to the fact that women are seizing power while men are left to rot in virtual fantasy.

Can there be high quality anime? Of course. But a man should be careful taht he is not absorbing bizarre sexual neuroticism from creepy Japanese illustrators. And he should be careful not to romanticize the unframed behaviors from many anime characters.

Once a man understands masculine frame, he will be careful of association with unframed behaviorism. Even the YouTube celebrities with quick edits, fast talking and over expressive faces imitate anime style to appeal to an anxious generation with short attention spans.

Be careful of anime. Learn frame and practice slowing down behavior. Slow movement is power projection that calms inner anxiety. Do not fetishize a defeated people’s art style. The angst and anxiety that is common to teens is pouring out of the anime imagery. It conditions flight.

Jerr Rrej is the author of The Wall Speaks.

The Wall Speaks is an easy to read guide on learning masculine frame.